Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum moss has a fairly acidic pH and high absorbency. It collects a large amount of water from dew and rain; water may literally be wrung from it. This water should be sterile with the rare exception of a halophile that has only shown up in very rare cases…so it is a calculated risk with low probability of problems. I have now consumed the water squeezed from sphagnum moss on several occasions with no ill effects paying credence to my extensive research.

Sphagnum moss, due to its pH can also be used in a bark water filter to add extra filtering ability.


Another use would be for feminine hygiene pads as the pH will help to keep it sterile and absorbent properties. This is the same moss seen used by Cody Lundin to bandage a wound on a popular television series.

Sphagnum moss tends to grow in bogs or other places with high acidity. One of the things you will notice with sphagnum moss is that if you wring it, quite a bit of water will often come out. The way you can tell sphagnum moss from other moss is due to the way it clusters, it has quite a different branching of stems than other mosses.


I believe also, due to some anecdotal evidence and late night discussions with my biologist friends as well as confirmation by Dr. Robertus (biologist), one should be able to consume the water from sphagnum moss “raw” as well as from the pitcher plant with relatively little concern. There is still the chance of illness but the odds are on your side during an emergency situation.

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