POLL: Only 4% of Military Believe Biden Did Enough to Prevent Russia from Invading Ukraine

No matter how hard Biden wants the troops to like him, it will never happen for many reasons.  A poll shows that only 4% of US troops approve of Biden’s actions in preventing Russia to invade Ukraine.

According to Big League Politics:

Tensions have continued to build as further Russian encroachment on Ukrainian territory dominates global headlines, with many expressing hysteric fears of an imminent beginning to a World War III.

Joe Biden has remained a historically unpopular president, so much so that averages of current surveys by liberal pollster FiveThirtyEight show Sleepy Joe’s approval rating at a pathetic 41.7%. Meanwhile, 53.4% of respondents reported disapproval of the senile White House occupant.

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(Where are these 40%?)

Biden fairs even worse when observing results among armed service members, a new survey by Tactical Gear revealed.

The numbers were telling. Of the 1,504 United States service members surveyed, 79% indicated that they believe Biden has not done enough to deter Russian invasion of Ukraine.

What the Tactical Gear poll also showed was that only 4% of the military approve of Biden’s actions. 

The survey also showed that only 5% of the military are confident of Biden’s ability to handle a potential boots-on-the-ground military conflict with Russia in Eastern Europe.

Biden hasn’t destroyed our military yet. 

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