In case All Of This Seems Familiar, Which is Because We Have Seen Everything Before…

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It is often stated that history repeats itself, yet usually, it doesn’t occur quite so quickly. In case you are getting a sinking feeling due to the fact current events bear this type of close resemblance to earlier 2020, you are definitely not by yourself.
All over the globe, the Omicron version is causing a influx of tremendous fear which is unlike anything that we have noticed since the first half of a year ago. And based on the response up to now, it appears that we haven’t discovered much since then. We are watching so many of the exact same patterns enjoy out, and that could have extremely important implications for the year before us. Interestingly, many upon social media are now reminding all of us that 2022 is obvious “2020 too”, and that is definitely quite a depressing thought.
Would you remember all of those ominous projections that “the experts” had been giving us back on the very start of the COVID outbreak?
Well, it is happening once again. Researchers at the University associated with Washington made headlines worldwide this week when they warned there could be 140 million brand new COVID infections in the Usa States in January and February…
Researchers at the Institute regarding Health Metrics and Assessment at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine modified its COVID-19 modeling to incorporate updated information about the omicron variant.
They found the particular U. S. may see an overall total of about 140 million fresh attacks from Jan. 1 in order to March 1, 2022, peaking in late-January at about second . 8 million new everyday infections.
Wow, that noises really bad.
But obviously we have seen similar projections before, and every time these were dead wrong.
And just like once the pandemic first began, Ny City is the epicenter for this particular new wave of infections…
New York once again smashed COVID records on Wednesday, with all the new Omicron variant held responsible for an all-time high of twenty-eight, 924 cases reported over the Empire State.
Gov. Kathy Hochul announced the quantities at a news conference Wed – the fifth day time in the last six where Nyc has broken its earlier COVID diagnosis records, as well as the sixth day in a line that there has been more than twenty, 000 cases across the condition.
Doesn’t it seem unusual that New York City just continues setting a new record right after new record even though a lot of New Yorkers have been “fully vaccinated”?
In fact , it has been documented that a whopping 85 percent of excellent York City residents have obtained at least one injection.
Is there somebody out there that can explain to me personally what is going on?
Another parallel towards the early days of the pandemic is the fact that Bill Gates is beginning to make lots of noise once again. He says that he has terminated most of his holiday programs because of Omicron, and he can be warning that the “worst area of the pandemic” could be right before us…
Bill Gates mentioned he called off their holiday plans as the omicron variant ushers in what this individual predicts could be the “worst section of the pandemic. ” He furthermore predicted, however , that the present surge in COVID-19 instances could be over within weeks, and the pandemic itself might end next year “if we all take the right steps. ”
“Just when it seemed like existence would return to normal, we’re able to be entering the most severe part of the pandemic, ” he or she tweeted on Tuesday. “Omicron will hit home for everyone. Close friends of mine have it, and I’ve terminated most of my holiday programs. ”
That is funny as they originally told us that when we did everything that this individual was urging us to achieve that things would be much better chances are.
But guys like your pet will never admit that they had been wrong.
Thanks to all of the worry that is being generated, we have been starting to see major sports being canceled just like all of us did in early 2020. For instance , the NHL has made a decision to “pause” their entire season…
The particular headlines on Monday evening were stark, if unsurprising: The NHL was going to temporarily stop the 2021-22 season Wed, and resume after Xmas break, amid a surge in COVID-19 cases. This particular followed a flurry associated with team shutdowns that still left a diminishing number of video games on the schedule.
In the consequences, we’re left with many questions: How will teams obtain “unpaused”? Will there be a change within protocols? How does this effect the Olympics and All-Star Weekend?
And The Gator Dish is in danger of not really being played because Tx A& M decided to take out of the game at the last minute…
Texas A& M is not going to participate in the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl because of COVID-19 problems and season-ending injuries inside the program, leaving Wake Woodland without an opponent as authorities try to find a replacement team, it had been announced Wednesday.
“It is definitely unfortunate, but we simply don’t have enough scholarship gamers available to field a group, ” Texas A& Meters coach Jimbo Fisher stated.
If Omicron continues to distribute rapidly, will there shortly be a tsunami of cancelling such as we witnessed throughout the early portion of last year?
Allow us to hope not.
Initially, Us citizens were being told that living would “return to normal” once everyone got their own shots. But now health government bodies are telling us that will “boosters” are needed because defenses wanes “3 to 6 months” after the initial injections…
Breakthrough situations demonstrate how effective vaccines are and can also display how that protection modifications over time. Immunity from preliminary vaccinations wanes 3 in order to 6 months later, health professionals say, so boosters are very important to fighting off the new version.
If you keep complying, there is always going to be an additional injection for you to take throughout your life.
And for many of a person, “the rest of your life” is going to be a whole lot shorter compared to you originally thought.
There is certainly so much fear in the air now, and it appears to be completely needless.
In fact , a very large research just determined that Omicron appears to be much less dangerous than Delta is…
The real-world evaluation, of more than 160, 000 individuals, comes ahead of a similar UNITED KINGDOM Government report expected to display Britons are also less likely to become severely ill with the version.
Omicron sufferers were furthermore 70 percent less likely to become admitted to ICU or even put on a ventilator in comparison to those with Delta, according to the research led by South Africa’s National Institute for Contagious Diseases (NICD).
But naturally , our leaders are not going to end up being swayed by real research such as this.
Instead, they are simply going to keep smashing the particular panic button because which is what the “experts” are informing them to do.
A fresh circular of restrictions, mandates, plus lockdowns would be absolutely damaging for the global economy, plus it would certainly set the phase for so many of the things that I have already been warning about.
Sadly, although they have seen the damage they have already caused, our political figures seem determined to create a lot more chaos.
Very dark situations are now upon us, and am have a feeling that they are going to get even darker.
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