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Forty Knots You Should Know

These Forty Knots brought to you by the Boy Scouts of America. Always good to know how to tie the right knot for the right situation, and this is a great little knot guide! We suggest you bookmark the page, print it out, and or share it on your Facebook or Pinterest, etc.

knot tying guide

7 Best Honey Powders (and Deals) With An Extreme Shelf Life For Emergencies

Honey Powder – it’s an essential part of any well-rounded survival food stockpile. Why? Because honey has many amazing health benefits. And while it’s possible to...

MO Senate Candidate Eric Greitens Tells the War Room He WILL NOT Back Mitch McConnell as GOP Senate Leader When Elected (VIDEO)

US Senate Candidate Eric Greitens joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Tuesday morning. Greitens announced that once elected to the US Senate...

SHTF Before During and After: Wildfire

I have made a career responding to all manner of disasters and emergencies.  This has included earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and search, rescue, &...

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