Why Be Prepared To Survive – a.k.a Prep

Why PrepareSo you want to be prepared to survive but do you know exactly why?

Let me guess – you were born in the United States, you went to public school, and got an American education.

Maybe you went to college, or maybe you didn’t.

But at this point in your mid-life years (the 30s, 40s, 50s) and you are responsible for others.

You have a family to look after…and they rely on you to provide.

It hasn’t always been easy. You’ve had your fair share of road bumps along the way but…

The Bottom Line:

You’ve strived to live the American Dream up until this point – always working hard, taking calculated risks, striving to get ahead – never worrying about the fact that the society in which you live is a fragile proposition at best.

You are an American – things work out for Americans.

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American Flag 2

We have liberty, freedom of speech, justice for all, clean water, sanitary sewers, the best healthcare system on the planet, air-conditioning, unlimited electric power, and natural gas pumped right into our homes.

On average you have maybe a week’s worth of food in the house, and you’ve never worried about keeping more than that.

Food Stockpile Statistic

October 26, 2012, Adelphi University CHI Poll: Emergency Preparedness

Why? Because American grocery stores are always full.

In your limited experience – this is the natural order of things in America.

Now, suddenly, after a couple of decades of working, earning, voting, and observing the course of our republic, you are starting to worry.

The trillion-dollar debt that everyone said was unsustainable when you were a kid is now over $30 trillion (and counting)!.

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Some people still say that it is unsustainable – but what worries you is that most people in power do not use those words anymore.

They either believe it is sustainable – which worries you – or they know it is not – which frightens you.

You have started asking yourself questions like:

You suddenly realize you have a family that will look to you for protection, shelter, food, water, heat, and clothing – and you realize,

I have no idea how to provide any of these things when SHTF.

You decide maybe it’s time to investigate some of this, time to learn some survival skills – while there is still time and electrical power to run the Internet.

The first thing one must ask oneself is simple: under what conditions do I want to be prepared to survive and under what conditions do I not?

It seems like a silly question, doesn’t it?

Of course, I want to survive…really?

So if you survived the initial exchange of thermonuclear weapons – our cities, our infrastructure, our society is completely destroyed and poisoned with radioactive fallout – you want yourself and your family to survive and thrive amongst the rubble.

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Gas Mask Radio Active Fallout

I don’t want to discourage anyone from wanting to live – but it may be a good exercise nonetheless to consider all possibilities.

This brings us to the second group of questions:

  • What are you willing to do to survive?
  • To ensure the survival of your family?
  • Your children?
  • Anything, you say…really?

When your children are starving, sick on polluted water sources, and desperately in need of nutrition and, perhaps, scarce medicines, are you willing to cheat, steal, or perhaps kill someone else taking what they have to keep your family alive?

No, of course not, you say.

You want to be a kinder, gentler, more civilized prepared survivalist. This is very noble but keeps in mind, civilized citizens and civilization may be gone.

I’m not saying one has to break laws and moral codes to survive, but if that is where you draw the line – it is best to realize that right now and be prepared to survive now…today.

There will be those who will break the laws and moral codes to get what they need, and they may very well try to take what you have.

Will you defend yourself and your family? How exactly do you plan to be prepared to survive?

All Survivalist Situations Begin With One Common Factor: A Hostile Environment

US Natural Disaster Map

The nature of the hostility is what differentiates survival scenarios.

Maybe the hostility is rooted in climate?

Extreme Heat – Extreme Cold – Extreme Dry – Extreme Wet

The common factor here is the word extreme, which may not be as extreme as you think.

In many parts of the country, we transit through deadly conditions every day – for brief moments.

The walk from the house to the driveway in sub-zero, Minnesota cold. The walk from the Caesar’s Palace back to your hotel in 100 degrees F heat.

We transit these areas and think nothing of them.

We encounter hostile environments every day, but we have the luxury of “going inside and getting a cold glass of water or a hot cup of coffee.”

What if that transit is not so brief?

Broken Down Truck In Desert

What about the three hundred-mile drive across Nevada on Highway 50 – the Loneliest Road in America?

Hostility could manifest itself in wildlife, venomous snakes, wolves, sharks, lions, tigers, and bears.

If we are alone in a survival situation, we have many factors to consider and overcome.

However, what if the scenario is not just you or your family?

What if everyone is trying to survive?

Now you must compete with others to survive. You must navigate confrontation with the most dangerous game of them all: Your Fellow Man.

  • How will you protect yourself and your family?
  • How will you provide?
  • How will you be prepared to survive?

All animals in nature have a survivalist instinct.

They know how to acquire food, water, and shelter. They survive bitter cold, sweltering heat, blizzards, and thunderstorms.

Unfortunately, the survival instinct is no longer a human instinct.

The will to survive may be an instinct, but whereas the deer, bear, and rabbit are born hard-wired to survive in the wild, we are not.

For Preppers…Family Survival Skills Must Be Learned.

Real survival is less about skill sets than it is about decision-making.


Water acquisition, fire starting, and building shelters are basic skills. Skills are important, but decision-making determines how you employ those skills – or don’t employ them.

Each survival situation is unique, fluid, and dynamic.

More people have died making poor decisions than those who simply lacked a certain skill.

Getting your mind right about survival is the first step to making good decisions – and a little advance planning doesn’t hurt, either.

  • So you want to be prepared to survive…Good.
  • You’ve got your mind right…Good.
  • You’ve set your limits, moral or otherwise…Good.

Now how are you going to acquire the necessary skills? How are you going to learn good decision-making? How are you going to Prepare?

P.s. Are you ready for the tough times ahead?

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Once complete, you’ll know exactly where you stand on the “fragile” vs.” resilient” spectrum.

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