White House Teases Climate Emergency: Says Every Big Storm a Result of Global Warming!

Climate Emergency

Is this really where we’re headed? A national emergency for climate change? It’s become abundantly clear that the Biden administration is now considering COVID-style lockdowns with the idea of exploiting weather conditions as a pretext for exerting more control over the American people.

During a recent CNN interview, John Kirby suggested President Biden treats the supposed climate crisis with “all the due gravity and seriousness.” What does that even mean? Is it another clever way to prepare the masses for yet another assault on our freedoms, this time under the guise of “climate emergencies”?

On Thursday’s broadcast of “CNN This Morning,” White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby stated that President Joe Biden hasn’t decided whether he’ll declare a national emergency on climate and that “all the severe storms” that “we continue to see are definitely caused as a result of what’s going on in the rising temperature across the globe.”

Kirby said, “The President hasn’t decided yet on declaring a national emergency on climate, Poppy. But he’s treating this with all the due gravity and the seriousness that the climate crisis deserves. It’s been a focus for him since day one.”

He added, “I don’t want to get ahead of the President or his decision-making here. All I can tell you is that, as an administration, we’re going to stay focused on the climate crisis. It is front and center. It is right in front of us. And these wildfires and all the severe storms that we’re — that we continue to see are definitely caused as a result of what’s going on in the rising temperature across the globe. And so, we’ve got to treat this seriously.”

As we reported earlier in the year, The White House was already hard at work trying to figure out how they could use the climate as the next tool of fear to enact control. In fact, back in January The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission kicked off the strategy with an attempt to ban gas stoves, claiming they were damaging the climate.

This is beyond insane, but frankly not shocking, to see the White House laying down the groundwork to declare that ALL severe storms are a result from global warming. This statement blatantly disregards the fact that extreme weather conditions have been part of Earth’s natural history. By attributing every severe storm to human activity, the Biden administration is setting up a story that will now be used to enact further control over the people.

In fact, we’ve seen these tactics before, and it’s looking a whole lot like what they pulled in the leadup to the COVID shutdowns and lockdowns.

The blaming of human activity for every single disaster, natural or otherwise, allows politicians to draft “emergency” policies, enforce ridiculous business killing regulations, and push a political agenda that suits them, regardless of scientific validity or common sense. And what about those who disagree with the latest scam? They are labeled “climate deniers,” which dismisses any attempt at a balanced and reasoned debate. Dissenters are sidelined and ridiculed for daring to question the religion of the climate change movement.

Consider what a a national emergency on climate would look like.

It would yet again empower the government to take sweeping actions similar to what we witnessed during the “COVID emergencies”, killing individual liberties, severely damaging businesses, and exerting even more control over the everyday lives of Americans. Kirby’s suggestion that the White House might declare a national emergency on climate should raise red flags for every freedom-loving American.

The climate has always been changing, and it always will. That’s not a crisis; it’s a reality. What’s truly alarming is the deliberate manipulation of science and the outright attack on our freedoms in the name of a political agenda.

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