We are Shadow banned from Facebook & Instagram for Covering SHOT Show

In the never ending war against free speech, we have yet again been shadow banned and apparently temporarily banned from posting content or showing up on Instagram and Facebook.

What was our great social crime against humanity?

We posted pictures from the show floor of the SHOT Show in Las Vegas that had firearms on display at trade show booths. Here is META informing us that our posts will no longer be shown to non-followers or show up in search because we posted pictures of guns.

banned for covering SHOT Show

On Facebook, our posts were banned from Facebook’s Boost advertising, and were shadow-banned on as well… On Facebook we have 285,789 followers, our posts during the SHOT show were shown to under 1,000 people. Many of our posts had zero reach and were outright shadow-banned and removed from our page.

It get’s crazier…

On top of being banned, Instagram even removed three photos from my wife’s personal Instagram page because she tagged me in the post — the photo’s didn’t even contain firearms, they were literally pictures of the two of us together in Las Vegas… apparently tagging my account was justification enough to delete photos of her and myself from her personal account.

It’s only going to get worse…

As we have talked about for years on this site, the full out assault on our liberties and freedoms is only going to get worse. In fact, back in July of 2021 we told you this was going to ramp up after the Biden Administration outright admitted that the federal government is working with so-called private business to censor and remove “problematic” content from the internet, and essentially silence their enemies.

What can we all do?

Limit, stop using, or take control of how you use these Social Media Ghettos!

For years, Silicon Valley Tech Giants have been swallowing up content and killing organic growth for alternative media websites. These internet giants have created a system where it’s impossible to exist without them; they are swallowing up the Internet and forcing people into communities they can control, censor, and regulate.

Out of the 400,000+ followers this site had on Facebook (Facebook has removed 100k of them), I’m lucky if Facebook shows my post to 1% of those people. So while there may still be some value to sharing these types of articles, almost like going behind enemy lines, it’s almost impossible for alternative media to reach the people who want to see their stories.

Start your own website or online community.

I’m one guy; if I can do it, so can you. I started OFFGRID back in 2007, and I have slowly grown it one day at a time. It’s not easy, but I do believe it’s essential.

In the process of building the site, I’ve talked to millions of people, written a book that helped expand my reach beyond the Internet, started other websites like Country Hookers and Ham Radio Prepper, and helped a countless number of people become better prepared for the very real threats in today’s society.

So yes, it is worth it!

Even if it’s just a small blog, one that is only read by a handful of people, you have the power to create your own community that isn’t owned by Facebook, Google, Twitter, or any other media conglomerate. You can write about the things that are important to you and share the stories and links that you think are important.

  • Don’t just leave comments on Facebook: Comment on this and other blogs and free internet forums in the comments section. This will help move the conversation off of these social media sites, and back into arenas where we control the content.
  • If you don’t want to start your own page, shoot me an email through my contact page , and you can write for OFFGRID Survival or one of my other sites.

Go Old School: Monitor HAM, Shortwave and other Radio Frequencies

If you haven’t looked into alternative ways to gather intelligence, please read Ham Radio Prepper’s article on The Importance of government and shortwave Radio Monitoring and Intelligence Gathering During Crisis Situations.

I don’t trust anything I hear from the mainstream media, and most of the Internet has become tightly controlled by a handful of corporations. Most of the popular websites have been bought off long ago by large media conglomerates.

For a look at what the rest of the world is saying, we suggest getting a good ham radio to monitor international shortwave stations, local police and first responder frequencies, military communications, ham radio communications, and any other kind of radio transmission you can think of.

Click here to Read more on Radio Monitoring and Ham Radio.

Download and use an RSS Reader

While not many people still use RSS Readers — Facebook essentially killed them — it’s one of the best ways to collect the news you want to see. Instead of relying on Google or Facebook to tell you what’s important, Subscribe to our RSS feed and download an App like Feedly to subscribe to this, and other alternative media sites. With an RSS Reader, you choose what you see, when you see it, and how much of it you see.

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