Unleashing Chaos: Biden’s Policies Fueling Massive Cartel Invasion at Southern Border

Biden's Border

As an American who values hard work, freedom, and integrity, it is almost impossible to remain calm in the face of the unfolding crisis at our southern border. The Biden administration has already pushed us to the brink of disaster with three years of unconstitutional COVID mandates, and now they are getting ready to set our nation ablaze. The unchecked influx of illegal aliens and the looming expiration of Title 42 is a ticking time bomb, and the consequences will be dire.

As of this moment, over 700,000 illegal aliens are gathering at our border, ready to charge in once Title 42 expires. To make matters worse, Texas Governor Greg Abbott says that the Biden administration expects around 13,000 illegal crossings each day after Title 42 is no longer in effect. In response, Governor Abbott has declared that Texas will mobilize up to 10,000 National Guard members and 1,200 troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety. This is not just an immigration issue, but a clear threat to our national security.

Make no mistake about what this is; the illegal aliens flooding our southern border are not hardworking Mexicans seeking employment opportunities. This is a well-organized invasion force comprised of fighting-age men, including members of notorious Mexican drug cartels. Many are not even Mexican they are being recruited from the infamous MS-13 prisons in El Salvador.

American Journalist Michael Yon and muckraker.com have been documenting another troubling invasion of military-aged Chinese men who are using the cartels to come up through the Darien Gap into the United States — something OFFGRID Survival documented back in March.

And for those pretending to care about poor migrants, why not look at what’s happening to the actual migrants who want to work…

Recent incidents of violent attacks by these cartel members, which the media has conveniently tried to downplay or even ignore altogether by falsely attributing them to white supremacists, should be enough to shake us to our core. The mass shooting in Brownsville, and the gruesome incident where a vehicle was used to mow down and kill innocent illegal aliens in Texas, serve as a stark reminder that America is under siege.

It is appalling that over 6.3 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border since President Biden took office. This is not just a failure of policy but a failure of leadership. The lack of action from the Biden administration is unconscionable and will have long-lasting consequences for our nation’s future.

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