Survival Gold & SHTF Silver: Get Some Before The Crash

Survival Gold and SHTF SilverGet Some Physical Survival Gold& SHTF Silver Before The Coming Collapse

Physical gold and silver provide the best ‘worst-case’ risk mitigation for your wealth. They’re can be a hedge against inflation and a valuable barter item should the world collapse.

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You see, gold and silver have represented wealth since recorded history began.

These precious metals are used in jewelry, cups, chalices, flatware, eating utensils, and tools.

Gold and silver are soft metals; they are both shiny and pliable. They are excellent conductors of electricity and do not oxidize, tarnish or corrode.

Gold and silver never spoil or deteriorate. And in modern times, gold’s put into spacecraft as plating for electrical connections in the harshest environment known to Man.

However, gold and silver supplies are limited; finding either in bulk or difficult to extract is challenging.

That’s why they’re called “rare metals.”

And it’s due to gold and silver’s rarity and longevity that ancient empires made coins with these metals. And up until the last century, gold was used to back the value of the US dollar.

So historically speaking, gold and silver have always had value.

The Volatility of the Gold Market Explained

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