Schools Shut Downs Start as The Government & Media push COVID Tripledemic

In a move that reeks of governmental fear-mongering and coordinated manipulation, several school districts across the country are shutting their doors and switching to remote learning. The cause? A so-called “tripledemic” threat that seems more like an attempt to control us than a genuine health concern. These shutdowns are not about protection; they are about coercion, fear, and an erosion of our freedoms.

In states like Kentucky and Texas, school districts are canceling classes after so-called outbreaks of COVID, the flu, and strep have been reported, sending students and staff home. Officials like Scott Lockard, the public health director for the Kentucky River District, are claiming an intense uptick in COVID cases, while others cite additional concerns like strep throat, RSV, and stomach viruses.

But is this a legitimate crisis or the latest hyped-up scare tactic?

Adding to the fear are warnings about the recent COVID mutant (EG.5 or Eris) and a so-called deadly spread of the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which officials claim results in 14,000 deaths among older adults annually.

In South Texas, the superintendent of Runge ISD announced a temporary closure due to a surge in COVID-19 cases, further adding to the panic. Meanwhile, institutions nationwide are again imposing COVID-19 mask mandates, and rumors are swirling that the Federal Government is preparing for more COVID mandates and restrictions.

When will this madness end?

We’ve seen this play before—draconian policies, restriction of liberties, and a 24/7 fear campaign from the media, all under the claims of keeping the public safe. Yet, after years of shutdowns, mandates, and large-scale vaccine campaigns, it’s clear that these things did nothing to stop the virus – some think they only made it worse.

And now, Colleges like Rutgers University and Morris Brown College are reviving useless policies from 2020, all while the Biden administration is buying Covid equipment and spending $1.4 billion on more Covid “countermeasures” and vaccines. It’s a runaway train of spending and fear-mongering that seems to have no end.

But perhaps people are starting to wake up! With only 17% of Americans getting their Covid booster shot, according to CDC data, and more and more people saying NO to the tyranny, there’s hope that this madness can be stopped.

The “tripledemic” is a transparent and alarmist narrative that our country cannot afford to fall for again. The school shutdowns and remote learning are not about protecting our children; they’re about maintaining control and perpetuating fear.

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