Intruder tries breaking into home; armed homeowner warns him to stop. Intruder doesn’t listen, gets inside — and gets killed after homeowner shoots him multiple times.

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An intruder was attempting to break into a residence in Missoula, Montana, on Sunday afternoon, and the armed homeowner warned him to stop. But the intruder didn’t heed that warning, broke through a screen door, and gained entry into the residence.

The homeowner responded by shooting the intruder multiple times, and the intruder later died.

What are the details?

Police responded to a home on the 300 block of Brooks Street just before 4 p.m. for a burglary report, MTN News said.

A homeowner discovered a man trying to enter the residence, Missoula Police Department spokesperson Whitney Bennett told the station.

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The homeowner warned the man several times to stop, but he continued to attempt to gain entry into the residence and broke through the outer screen door, MTN News said.

“A homeowner encountered a male attempting to gain access into his residence. The homeowner gave multiple warnings advising the male to stop. The male continued to enter the residence, broke through his screen door, the front entrance, where he gained entrance into the residence. The homeowner then shot him multiple times,” Bennett told the station.

She added to MTN News that “once officers were on scene they started lifesaving measures. Medical arrived on scene and continued lifesaving measures. Then they transported him to a local hospital where later he was pronounced deceased.”

separate story from the station said Missoula County Sheriff and Coroner Jeremiah Petersen identified the suspect as Patrick S. Shemorry, 41, of Spokane Valley, Washington, and said Shemorry died Monday after “sustaining gunshot wounds in an incident on Brooks Street in Missoula.”

Bennett added to MTN News that officers have spoken to the homeowner, who has been cooperative with the investigation.

She added a piece of advice to homeowners, according to the station: “That just goes to show that you need to make sure that your home is locked and secured.”

Police are continuing to investigate, MTN News said.

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