How Will The World End? 9 Biggest Threats To Humanity

How The World Will End - Urban Chaos With Tank Driving Over RubbleToday, I’m going to share what I believe are the 9 biggest threats to humanity. Each of these threats has the potential to destroy our way of life. Heck, some of these threats could be existential…a.k.a. how will the world end!

And unfortunately, the odds of any of these threats becoming a reality are growing in likelihood each year.

Why? Because as technology advances exponentially and the interconnected nature of the world continues unabated, the probability (and size) of great human mistakes also increase.

And here’s what’s truly concerning…

When you add up the chances of at least 1 of the following 9 threats occurring in our lifetimes, it seems all but certain we’ve got some tough times ahead.

Perhaps we’ll see with our own eyes exactly how the world ends…

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The 9 Biggest Threats To Life As We Know It

Nuclear Attack Bomb Explosion

1. Nuclear War

If you could convert every atom in a tiny paper clip into pure energy (leaving no mass whatsoever), it would yield roughly 18 kilotons of TNT!

That’s the size of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.

Hard to believe? Yes, but the proof is in the equation:


It looks so compact and harmless without any context, right? But that’s massively misleading; the information contained in that equation is powerful enough to end all human civilization.

In physics, energy and mass are different forms of the same thing.

So, if you split an atom (mass), you force the mass to convert into energy. But a tiny mass stores a MASSIVE amount of potential energy based on E=Mc².

The Real Meaning of E=mc²

This is why nukes are so dammed scary.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

This equation was discovered by genius mathematician Albert Einstein, who fully understood the consequences of this discovery.

He once said,

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

While he didn’t call out Nuclear War specifically, he understood that this powerful equation (and future weapons) would no longer affect just local societies alone.

We now (for the first time in history) achieve the power, tech, know-how, and capability to end the world.

Some nuclear experts predict that a massive nuclear exchange of weapons between major superpowers would not only destroy hundreds of major cities in the blast (and potentially billions of lives), but the radioactive fallout would also kill millions (perhaps billions) more over the following years.

Worst yet, radioactive fallout in high dosages can cause hyper-aggressive cancers in humans. Any with high levels of radioactive fallout exposure would become the literal walking dead (they won’t know it until it’s too late!).

How to Survive Nuclear Fall Out

Bunkers Not Basements

And basements offer very little protection. You need feet (not inches) of dense concrete or packed dirt to slow down the deadly onslaught of radioactive fallout.

Not only this, but some folks believe global temperatures would plummet after such a nuclear exchange. This is due to the massive amount of dust and ash it would thrust into our upper atmosphere.

This blanket of ash would significantly reduce the intensity of solar rays reaching the earth’s surface.

This, in turn, would make growing crops anywhere near current yields all but impossible. And thus, create a worldwide famine for decades to come.

Nuclear Winter Nightmare

<iframe loading="lazy" title="Nuclear Winter Nightmare How World War 3 Will Be Fought

4. Bioengineering

Why do humans have to mess around with things we don’t understand? How does it make any sense to create biological chemicals and weapons that can destroy mankind?

Because THAT is where bioengineering is headed.

Again, as technology advances exponentially, the ability for more and more people to access bioengineering knowledge, skills & tools continue to grow.

And I don’t care how “secure” any bio-facility claims to be – the existential risks are not worth the “rewards.”

Engineering Viruses Are the New Biological Weapons

Controlling Access To This Tech IS A Major Problem

It’s no longer JUST Nation States with the tech to manipulate biological diseases to make them more dangerous and contagious. Every year, biotech gets cheaper and more accessible to more and more groups of humans.

How many years in the future will some brilliant, disgruntled high school student decide to replicate an Ebola virus that’s more contagious and deadly?

That possibility is NOT science fiction – sure, we’re not there yet, but such a reality is on the horizon.

And well before we ever get THERE, terrorist groups and rogue nation states will be there first – perhaps only a few years away from such immense power.

I’ve even heard it may be possible in the future to create a bioengineered virus that only targets specific people with specific DNA profiles.

Congressman warns DNA tests could be used for a bioweapon

So, let’s say a deadly virus that only kills you if you have a certain percentage of bloodlines (i.e., European, Asian, African, Native American, etc.)?

The sad truth is we’re already messing with things we don’t fully understand, and any mistake (or attack) could prove deadly to most of humanity.

This sure sounds like how to world ends to me.

But is it possible to avoid such a terrible fate? To figure out how to control these existential bioengineering advancements? To only use them for “good” and not “evil.”

With humans, the answer is NO!

Out-of-control bioengineering could very well be how the world ends.

Nano weapons laser beam cutting materials

5. Nano Weapons

As we discussed earlier, nuclear bombs are a massive threat in destruction potential. But since humans can’t convert ALL mass into energy (yet), most nukes are relatively large.

They currently require some rocket launcher, or they’re dropped from planes.

Perhaps they could be loaded into a semi-trailer, but we can all agree you can’t sneak them into a purse, right?!?

With the advancement of nanotechnology, THAT will no longer be the case…

Mini Nukes

What if I told you the technology to put a micro nuclear weapon that could fit in a purse was just around the corner?

Nanotechnology allows the manufacture of mini-nuke components so small that they are difficult to screen and detect. The mini weapon (equivalent to about 100 tons of TNT) could be less than 5 lbs. and could easily destroy skyscrapers.

Nanodevices are machines much smaller in size than the strand of human hair, making them nearly undetectable to the human eye.

In the future, insect-like nanobots could be programmed to perform various tasks, such as spying on political opponents or contaminating the water supply of a major city with ease.

Or a nano drone could fly into a room and drop poison into food or a drink to target a particular individual.

Again, the exponential growth of tech is the common denominator here. As these technologies continue to appear, their risks also continue to grow.

10 TINY Micro Robots and Nano Drones

And humans will be behind the curve ball in controlling or combating such tech if used by bad actors.

Having this sort of tech in the hands of major Nation States is scary enough, but what happens with small groups or individuals gain access to this end-of-the-world tech?

Again, we’re talking scary how the world ends tech here.

Famine - dirty hands holding bread crumbs

6. Widespread Famine & Water Shortages

This is the first threat to humanity that’s not directly rooted in technology. I mean, famines and water shortages are ancient threats, right?

From the beginning of human history, the fear of starvation and dehydration has terrorized us all.

In the past, famines primarily came from weather-related events (floods/droughts) or war.

And while these root causes of famine still exist today, the scope, severity, and likelihood are all on the rise. And not only THAT, but there are a few new contributors as well.

For example, topsoil depletion is a genuine problem.

One in which will not only result in less food (due to lower crop yields) but also the food that’s harvested having fewer nutrients.

Why The World Is Running Out Of Soil

So over time, the amount of food and the “value of the food” will undermine our already precarious food security.

So even IF wars don’t break out (which is highly unlikely) and politicians work together (even less likely), the depletion of topsoil nutrients may no longer be able to support the extreme size of humanity.

Again, I don’t have an exact timetable here, and perhaps with all our new tech, we can figure this problem out, but the trends are concerning, and the risk of worldwide famine is increasing at an alarming rate.

And I haven’t even touched on climate change, which we all know will worsen famines and droughts. That’s why I think this could be how the world ends.

Why California is Running Out of Water

DC Broken: Out of control tyranny could end the world

7. Out Of Control Tyrannical Governments

The increased potential for Tyrannical Governments (in traditionally free Western Societies) is on the rise. And I believe 2 main forces are driving this trend toward Tyranny.

  1. The Rise of Post-Modern, Nihilism Philosophies
  2. Decentralization (via Loss of Narrative & Money Supply Control)

Let me dive into each of these a bit to help you understand what I mean.

1. The Rise of Post-Modern, Nihilism Philosophies

Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan Peterson

This philosophical threat was brought to my attention by Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Perhaps you’ve heard of him? If not, he’s a phycologist from Canada who’s been outspoken about the new radical left.

Now, his arguments are full of nuance and details I can only hope touch on…

So, here’s my best attempt to summarize his argument:

Over the past few decades, our universities have promoted a postmodern, Nihilistic doctrine. This way of thinking has absolutely dominated the humanities and social sciences.

The postmodernists completely reject the structure of Western Civilization. They call Western Civilization a phallocentric society, one that’s steeped in male domination. And is oppressive and self-serving to everyone EXCEPT for privileged white males.

And, of course, there’s a thread of truth to these concerns because there’s never been a shortage of flaws in any structured society.

No matter how people decide to structure things, there will be winners and losers because, as humans, we’re NOT angels, and this is NOT heaven!

There will be those in power and those without. There’s no way around that FACT.

Western Society Vs. Tyranny & Communism

But when you compare Western Society to the rest of the world, it’s proven to be vastly better and fairer in structure than anything else ever offered.

Western Society (with all its flaws) is still FAR BETTER than tyrannical Governments and Communism when it comes to individual freedoms and human rights, and it’s not even close.

What The Post-Modernists (a.k.a radical left) Believe

But postmodernists don’t accept that. They don’t have a shred of gratitude in their philosophy.

Instead, they’re driven by resentment. Resentment and bitterness, even though they’re bathed in relative wealth. And living with resentment as your central ethos is a horrible, destructive way to live.

Postmodernists also don’t believe in the individual; they don’t believe in logic, and they don’t believe in dialogue to figure things out through the exchange of ideas.

They disagree with letting others speak (with “wrong” ideas)– it’s not part of their ethos.

Postmodernists believe your fundamental identity is group fostered – you’re an exemplar of your race, your sex, your ethnicity, etc.

And based on these categories, you fall either into a group called “victim” or a group called “oppressor.” This is similar to Marxist ideas of “elites vs. workers.”

This creates a power struggle. Oppressors are vilified and must be removed from power and demonized.

It’s never about competence. It’s about perceived oppression for all past sins, with no exceptions.

They believe anyone in the “oppressors’ category” must be removed and will longer get a seat at the table – regardless of their individual contributions, morality, or competence.

And this dangerous idea of “oppressors vs. victims” is behind many historical human tragedies worldwide.

The Biggest THREAT To Our Society We MUST FIGHT Against

<iframe loading="lazy" title="The Biggest THREAT To Our Society WE MUST FIGHT Against

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