How To Purify Water 5 Water Decontamination Techniques

Here are five survival techniques on how to purify water in a survival situation.

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Best Ways How to Purify Water for Drinking

The Importance of Water Purification

We all know the significance of clean water in our body. It helps our cells, organs, and tissues to regulate temperature and maintain other bodily functions.

Without clean water, it would be difficult to survive or persevere especially when SHTF. But what happens if you find yourself in a survival situation with no access to clean water?

You might find yourself trapped in a predicament where you have to choose between dehydration or gulp a cup of cholera-infected water.

Picture this—you’re in the wilderness and the temperature has been slowly rising since you left your campsite—a good, clear, and unmistakably hot day ahead of you.

You look up and notice a few scattered clouds offering little shade, but at least you’ve got the trees. You set your survival pack down on the ground and reach into a side pocket for your water bottle. It’s empty.

While in reasonable conditions, you might be able to survive for three to five days without water but there’s seriously no earthly reason you ought to test how your body reacts to dehydration. It’s time to find some water.

Whether it’s a puddle or a swift-flowing stream you find, you should never assume the water that is tempting your parched lips is anything less than a bacterial breeding ground.

A bad case of diarrhea or vomiting will only decrease your chances of survival. So, how are you going to turn dangerous water into purified, drinkable, thirst-quenching hydration?

Check out the list below and learn how to purify water in the wild and drink safely.

1. How to Purify Water by Boiling

The simplest way to purify water in the wild is to boil it. To do this, you’ll need (I bet you can guess) a container and fire. To actually purify the water, you’ll need to let it boil steadily for 10 minutes.

Man boiling water in the mountain  5 Water Decontamination Techniques

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