How To Charge A Phone Without A Charger From Anywhere

How To Charge Your Phone Without A ChargerToday, I’m going to go over ALL the ways you can charge a phone without a charger. Why?

  • Because sometimes you lose your charger and don’t have time to get a new one.
  • Or perhaps you’re away from the electrical grid and a charger does no good.

In either case, knowing ALL your phone charging options is a good idea – just in case, right?

Ok, so let’s dive into the following 6 ways to charge your phone without a charger:

1. Plugging Into A Computer’s USB Port

This first solution may seem extremely obvious to some folks, but I know a lot of people who DON’T realize this until someone else tells them.

Here’s the deal, nowadays, modern smartphone chargers are all USB-based. That means you can disconnect the cable from the charger block and thus it becomes a simple USB cable.

Well…this USB cable is compatible to plug into any USB computer port.

USB Computer Port To Charge Phone Without A Charger

This USB compatibility allows you to easily move data back and forth between your phone and the computer. BUT it also allows power to transfer down this connection as well.

And since a laptop computer is BOTH mobile AND comes with a decent-sized battery, there’s often extra power to spare – enough to keep your phone working (for a while) in a pinch.

Now, eventually, the computer’s battery will also run out IF you don’t have any grid power available. But technically, this is one way to keep a phone charged without a charger.

2. Using A Battery Pack

Next up is a simple battery pack. These are great devices EVERYONE should own. They allow you to keep your phone powered up (off-grid) – like when you’re running around town.

Because we’ve all been there. Your phone is on its last legs from too much use…and you’re almost out of juice. But worst, you don’t have time to leave your phone on a charger for 20 mins because you’re already late for an appointment…

Small Cylindrical Battery Pack

Small Cylindrical Battery Pack

In this case, you don’t need a charger to power up your phone, you need a mobile battery pack.

These compact battery packs are usually very portable and come with a standard USB port. So as long as you’ve got a USB cable for your phone, you’re in business.

Just plug your phone into your battery pack and you’re good to go.

Just remember to keep your battery pack charged up and ready to go at all times. Because an empty battery pack is as useless as a brick for charging up your phone.

3. Using A Solar Charger

Now, if you like the idea of carrying around a battery pack to charge your phone on the go, why not upgrade from a simple battery pack to a battery pack solar charger!

That’s right, and In My Opinion, this is the best way to charge your phone without a charger. Why? Because you can technically charge your phone FOREVER without grid power IF you buy the right solar charger with a good battery pack.

And the good news, I’ve got the perfect one for you, it’s the same one I own and use. And it’s the one I’ve gifted to both my Father and Father-In-Law.

Solar Charger To Charge A Phone Off GridIt’s the Quadra Pro Solar Power Bank from Survival Frog.

This awesome survival tool is made up of four small solar panels!

It’s an important distinction because MOST solar chargers only have 1 panel, so you can charge your battery pack 4X faster when the sun is shining.

Heck, I’ve even run a weeklong test with this device to see if I could move 100% of my phone power needs over to just this Quadra Pro (zero grid power) AND it worked.

I just had to remember to set out the panels every time the sun was out to maximize its potential.

So, it’s a great tool to charge your phone without a charger AND it’s an awesome backup way to power your phone if you’re away from grid power for any length of time.

Quadrapro Solar Panels usage images

4. Hand Crank Radio

Hand Crank Radio To Charge Your Phone Without A ChargerAnother way to charge your phone without a power cable is to use a hand-crank radio.

And since here at we’re all about survival and preparedness, we highly recommend EVERYONE own a hand-crank radio.

Hand crank radios are an awesome emergency preparedness tool. It not only allows you to keep a phone charged up without grid power, but it also allows you to tune into emergency broadcasts as well.

So, IMO this is a device EVERY responsible adult should own a survival radio period – no excuses!

And once you own one, you can plug in your USB power cable from the hand crank radio to your phone. Then just crank the handle at a steady pace and voila, you’re powering up your phone without a charger.

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5. Car Charger – Lighter Port

Here’s another way to charge your phone while on the go without a charger.

Phone Charger Car Adapter PortModern cars all have USB charge ports built-in, so you can just use one of those. And if you own an older vehicle (one that doesn’t have a USB port) you can buy an adapter that plugs into a cigarette lighter.

If you’re looking for an adapter, I recommend you get one that also acts as a survival tool as well. This adapter has a built-in glass breaker as well as a seat belt cutter.

That way, in a vehicle submersion or fire situation, you’ll have the right tools nearby to escape fast and save yourself.

Either way, figure out a way to tap into your vehicle’s larger powerful battery.

6. Wireless Charger

Anker Wireless Phone Charging PadLast but not least, if you have a newer phone, it may have wireless charging capabilities. And if it does, all you need is a charging pad – one that’s compatible with wireless charging technology.

Now, at the time of writing this article, this technology was just starting to become mainstream. But as time goes on, this convenient technology will become more widespread.

Heck, I could see this quickly becoming the most common way to charge a phone without a phone charger. But of course, a wireless pad STILL requires a power source.

So even though this method doesn’t require a charger, it DOES require a pad and a power source. That’s why it’s NOT my favorite solution.

Final Thoughts – My Favorite Solutions

If you’ve been paying attention, you can probably tell favorite solutions are the ones that provide off-grid power solutions. These are the:

  1. Solar Charger – (like this Quadra Pro)
  2. Hand Crank Radio – (like this one)

These two methods not only bypass a traditional charger but also provide another level of resiliency and features. Thus making them a wise survival investment, period.

So, choose one or both and never be left without the ability to charge your phone, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE without relying on the fragile grid power.

Prepare, Adapt & Overcome.

“Just In Case” Jack

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