‘He was bloody, nothing but blood’: Suspected child rapist chased and stomped by victim’s family

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A man who allegedly raped his 14-year-old daughter was taken into custody Tuesday night by Detroit police. When officers first found him, it was abundantly clear that friends and neighbors had administered some preemptive justice.

What are the details?

The alleged child rapist had reportedly been chased around a neighborhood near Pembroke St. and Greenfield Rd. before the victim’s relatives finally caught up with him.

In graphic footage obtained by 7 Mile Radio News, persons purportedly related to the victim can be seen castigating him for allegedly raping his own daughter while waiting for police and paramedics to arrive. The suspect is visibly busted up, kneeling naked in a pool of his own blood.

Carmen Witherspoon, a nearby resident, opened her front door to see the alleged rapist surrounded by the victim’s incensed relatives. She told Fox 2, “They beat him over there real good.”

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