Economic Collapse Watch: Stock & crypto markets crash, U.S. debt to soar past $50 trillion within 10 years as Biden to Raise Taxes


In the latest attack on the American family’s book, the Biden administration has announced a new $6.8 Trillion Budget that will significantly raise what you are paying in taxes to fund a slew of government welfare and social programs.

The budget contains some $5 trillion in proposed tax increases, including punishing self-employed and small business owners with a significant rise in their yearly taxes.

Biden’s tax plan would raise

  1. capital gains tax from 20% to 39.6%, the highest since 1978
  2. the top tax rate from 37% to 39.6%
  3. the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% 4
  4. Self-employment tax from 3.8% to 5.0%

It would also:

  • Increase IRS funding by 15% on top of $80 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Instate a 25% minimum tax rate on households with a $100 million+ net worth
  • Eliminate tax break for crypto investors
  • Eliminate carried-interest tax break
  • Increase stock buyback tax from 1% to 4%

The budget would add another $17 trillion in deficits over the next ten years and a $5.5 trillion tax increase over the next ten years. This would push the total U.S. debt (not including over $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities) to over $50 trillion within ten years.

The news comes as the economy seems to be heading right off the cliff.

Stock and crypto markets erased a combined $1.5 trillion in value in under 2 hours today, while bank stocks posted their worst day since June 2020, losing over $50 billion in value.

Today, the four Biggest Banks lost $47 Billion in Market Cap as news that after more than seven decades of full-year increases, U.S. bank deposits across the industry fell for the first time since 1948.

  • JPMorgan lost about $20 billion in market value Thursday.
  • Bank of America lost roughly $15 billion.
  • Wells Fargo‘s market capitalization was down $8.5 billion.
  • Citigroup was down $3 billion.

Other Economic numbers we should be paying attention to:

  • Mortgage demand has fallen to a 30-year low as interest rates push above 7%.
  • The housing market has declined for six consecutive months for the first time since 2011. This comes as first-time homebuyers are experiencing the most unaffordable market in history.
  • Used car prices are up 4.3% in February, the largest gain since 2009. This comes as the average used car loan rates is at a record 14%, and lenders report the most past-due car payments since 2009.

As we have been reporting, there is significant concern growing that we are heading towards an economic cliff.

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Another upside to investing in consumable goods is these goods are completely secure from financial market volatility and will continue to hold their value after the collapse. In fact, as we’ve seen over the last year, most consumables will probably skyrocket in value in a post-collapse world.

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