Eberlestock Cherry Bomb EDC Bag Dump:

EDC, or Every Day Carry is a deeply personal topic. Everyone has their own ideas of what to have on their person on a day-to-day basis. These items often include a handgun, knife, wallet of choice and sometimes medical components. In addition to the items on a person, some choose to bring along a small pack or satchel as a way of expanding what they have on themselves when they go out and about. To be clear, we are not discussing Bug-out bags or Survival kits.

Having additional equipment off-body can be incredibly valuable, but there are some considerations about what pack to choose for this task. The Eberlestock S25 Cherry Bomb with the optional hip belt removed fit the bill for looks, and its features met our objective requirements. The Cherry Bomb comes in several colorways, but we choose brown, or the “dry earth” option as listed on their website. None of these colorways scream “tactical” or “look at me, I like camo and I might have a firearm”. The aesthetics of your pack will inevitably come down to your location, but for those who live in sub-urban or metropolitan locations, standing out isn’t particularly a good thing, so we are staying away from tactical packs covered in webbing. If you’ve taken the responsibility to carry a firearm on your person for defending your own life and those around you, it’s best to be the most dangerous person in the room/street/road with no one knowing.

eberlestock Cherry Bomb EDC pack.

The primary feature of the Eberlestock Cherry Bomb is a scabbard in the main compartment that runs the length of the pack. We relocated the rain fly from its original storage location that was initially in its own external compartment located at the bottom of the exterior of the pack, providing enough space in the scabbard compartment to fit an AR with a 12-inch barrel and a Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter. Without the folding stock adapter, one would need to run a 6” barrel or less on an AR or pistol caliber carbine for it to fit. Stowing a Primary Weapon System MK111 Mod 2 pistol with an SB Tactical SBA3 brace, we let the mentality of the pack drive what features to use on the firearm, keeping it simple and relatively lightweight. We topped it with a Vortex UH-1 gen 2 and Troy fold-down backup iron sights and also affixed a Surefire Mini Scout weapon light with a pressure pad. Due to the design of the bag, one only needs to unzip the primary compartment, to expose the pistol grip on the MK111 for an easy drawing of the entire firearm. A 20-Round magazine inserted into the firearm kept it slim and prevented it from binding when removing the MK111. In addition, a Dead-Air Sandman S Suppressor fit conveniently alongside, to be added on request for quieter activities.

Primary Arms MK111 Dead Air Sandman vortex UH-1

While the 11.85-inch barrel AR in the scabbard took up much of the room available, an Invrt Bandoleer by IC13, a unique micro chest rig concept, still fit in the bottom of the main compartment. Holding two 30-round Pmags and a medical pouch filled with some of the essentials this easily deployable and rapidly adjustable bandoleir became an essential part of this EDC Pack. Not all chest rigs are as quickly adaptable as the Invrt, and when living in a place where someone might be in a winter jacket one day and a t-shirt the next, that speed and versatility together made the Invrt shine. Beside the chest rig, we included a G-Code Scorpion Softshell Magazine Pouch with a paddle backing in order to allow throwing a mag pouch on our beltline regardless of if we were in gym clothes or formal attire.  Inside the pouch we put a 40-round Pmag. Above the chest rig and pouch and below the folded brace was a small space where we placed an additional trauma kit.

eberlestock Cherry Bomb EDC pack

Having a trauma kit handy, especially if you intend on carrying a firearm is a good idea. If you have the power to put holes in people, best to have a method to stop up those holes whenever possible. While there is some debate about what to have in a trauma or med kit, we kept it fairly simple: 1x pack of quick clot gauze, 3x packs of compressed gauze, 1x roll of tape, 1x compressible bandage, and of course several pairs of gloves at the very top. All of this fits snugly into an inexpensive black Cordura zip bag.

eberlestock cerry bomb edc pack

The admin panel at the front of the main compartment features a pair of what looks to be AR magazine pouches with retention bungees. A fully-loaded AR magazine here made the flap too heavy and cumbersome, so instead, we opted for a tourniquet and trauma shears on one side and a battery holder on the other. Behind this panel is another compartment where we stowed a small zip bag for essential items.

Small essential items tucked neatly into an ITS Tactical waxed canvas zip pouch. Inside here we put a few items one often cannot live without: writing instruments such as sharpies, pencils, pens, a highlighter, and a small ruler. Since most of us carry cell phones on a regular basis, we added a spare charging cable and a small battery bank. The pouch also contains a batch of boo-boo kit bandages, aspirin, ibuprofen, and Benadryl, a small sharpener, as well as a spare folding knife: a Skallywag Tactical Blackwater. This small bag fits either in this small sleeve-pouch within the main zipped compartment or in the secondary compartment.

its tactical waxed canvas pouch

The outer section of the Eberlestock Cherry Bomb is a bit confusing. The full-length clamshell design with zippers running to the very bottom of the bag allow this portion to flay open all the way. At the very middle of this compartment, a slip pouch maybe 10” deep and perhaps designed for tablets or books sits right in front of the main compartment that only has a half clamshell opening. If one were to put anything rigid deep into this pouch, it would prevent the main compartment from opening wide: a problem if fast access to the main compartment is required. This seems like a glaring flaw in an otherwise well-thought-out pack. We remedied the issue by putting nothing in this compartment at the “hinge point” of this compartment. The above-mentioned essentials pouch and a Skallywag Tactical D2 Dagger stow neatly here where both could be accessed without interfering with the rest of the pack’s contents.

eberlestock cheery bomb front pouch

Above: With everything else included, this outer pouch couldn’t be utilized as well. If anything rigid were stowed here, it would prevent the opening for the scabbard from folding over, frustrating the action of drawing a firearm from it. 

There are three additional pockets worth noting on the Eberlestock Cherry Bomb, a small but long pocket at the very front of the pack (that suffers from the same issues that plague the second compartment) and two small zippered exterior compartments found on either side of the pack. We used one of these side pockets to stow the relocated rain fly, and the other we kept largely empty save for a multi-tool occasionally.

eberlestock EDC Pack cover

After two years of continual use and minor refinement, the Eberlestock Cherry Bomb continues to prove itself as an exceptional EDC pack that won’t make the wearer stand out nearly as much as other options while still hauling about a slim but capable setup tailored for uncertain times. As this world seems to be chasing toward chaos, this EDC pack leans into being prepared in the event of an active shooter or to be used as a “get home” bag if things get weird. We hope we never see the day when we need a pack such as this, but if it’s needed, this setup is designed for the occasion.

Eberlestock Cherry Bomb Bag Drop

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