Democrat Attack on Freedom: ‘Ministry of Truth’ Bill Threatens First Amendment Rights

In a latest attack on liberty, Democrat Senators Michael Bennet and Peter Welch (D-Vt.) have reintroduced the Digital Platform Commission Act, a bill that aims to create a federal agency known as the Federal Digital Platform Commission. This Orwellian institution seeks to enforce so-called “behavioral codes” on social media platforms and artificial intelligence (AI), all while trampling the fundamental rights that we hold sacred in this country.

Under the guise of combating misinformation, this so-called council, which includes self-proclaimed “disinformation” experts, will target and suppress our First Amendment rights. This thinly veiled attempt to control the narrative and stifle dissenting voices is yet the latest attempt to control everything we do and see — all in the name of their warped idea of truth.

What makes this even more concerning is the apparent coordination between these democrat senators and the testimony of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The timing of the bill’s presentation in relation to Altman’s remarks during his congressional hearing is too close to be a mere coincidence. Altman, whose company created CHAT GTP, has advocated for creating a federal agency with the power to restrict AI development through licensing and credentialing — conveniently, it seems he will directly benefit by taking control of the industry. This insidious collaboration between politicians and tech moguls puts our freedoms at risk and opens the door to unprecedented government control.

The proposed federal commission, comprised of five members, would assume authority to call for hearings, investigations, and impose fines. Once they become a federal agency, like all other corrupt agencies in D.C.,  they would likely bypass Congress and establish rules without oversight. If this happens we will no doubt see the suppression of dissenting opinions and a continued attack on public discourse. This is a blatant assault on our rights to free speech and expression.

“Digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok and new AI systems have become the way people get information and have civic conversations. But misinformation about the pandemic, public health, elections and more are polluting our online spaces and having real-world negative impacts in our communities. Unlike other industries, digital platforms and AI systems are subject to very few requirements for transparency and accountability. We welcome proposals such as Sen. Michael Bennet and Sen. Peter Welch’s, as well as public conversation about oversight for digital platforms now and in the future,” said Nancy Watzman, Colorado Media Project Advisor and former Director.

And there you have it, the real truth behind the bill… They want to determine what the “truth” is by creating a “Ministry of Truth” department within our federal government that can stomp out any speech simply by calling it misinformation!

Make no mistake, this is about nothing more than consolidating power, stomping out competition, and limiting your ability to freely speak online.

Escape the Grip of Social Media Ghettos: Take Back Control of Your Online Experience!

Years ago, before he sold out to the powers that be, Matt Drudge appropriately described social networks as “Social Media Ghettos,” and his warning holds a significant truth today. The tech giants are monopolizing content and stifling the organic growth of alternative media websites, and they are doing it with full support of the federal government. They have created a system where they control and regulate entire online communities, making it nearly impossible to bypass their control.

On platforms like Facebook, I am fortunate if my post reaches 1% of my 300,000+ followers. Additionally, Twitter has recently resorted to again shadow banning people who post so-called “hateful content”, depriving even your followers of seeing posts that they deem controversial.

Take Charge: Establish Your Own Website or Online Community

If I can do it, so can you. I started OFFGRID back in 2007, gradually growing it day by day. It’s undoubtedly challenging, but I firmly believe small independent media is crucial to fighting back against the onlaught of tyranny.

Through building this website, I have engaged with millions of people, authored a book that expanded my reach beyond the internet and assisted countless individuals in preparing for the genuine threats of our modern society.

Even if you start a small blog with a limited readership, you have the power to create your own community that is not owned by Facebook, Google, Twitter, or any media conglomerate. You can write about topics that matter to you and share stories and links you think are important.

Instead of solely commenting on Facebook, engage in the comments sections of blogs like this one. This will help shift conversations away from social media platforms and back into environments where we have control over the content.

Reclaim Your News: Embrace RSS Readers for Personalized Content

While RSS Readers are no longer widely used, thanks to Facebook’s influence, they remain the most effective way to curate the news you want to see. Rather than relying on Google or Facebook to tell you what’s important, download an RSS reader and subscribe to independent media sources like this one. With an RSS Reader, you regain control over what you see, when you see it, and the extent of your exposure.

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