Biden’s New Push for COVID Boosters: A Warning Sign of More Lockdowns Ahead?

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Once again, the Biden administration is ringing the COVID alarm bells, urging Americans to receive another COVID-19 booster shot. Like clockwork, they are raising fears over newly emerging subvariants “Eris” and “Fornax.” But one can’t help but wonder, how many times will Americans fall for this tactic?

The administration’s push for vaccines and boosters, under the guise of battling a new wave of so-called infections, is nothing but the latest assault on our personal freedoms. Each new variant brings about a new surge in media hysteria, government overreach, and a troubling calls for more restrictions on our freedoms.

With every new wave and variant, the public forgets that people did get sick before COVID and the goalpost shifts further away. Despite past vaccines and boosters proving ineffective in offering protection from the virus, we are told that yet another shot is the solution. How many more will we need? 10, 20, weekly shots — When will this end?

Media’s Role in the Fear Campaign

Media outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The TODAY show are already pushing for Americans to mask up again in response to the new Eris variant. The psychopaths in the mainstream media are all clamoring for renewed restrictions — with some even advocating a return to full lockdowns.

National Geographic published an article titled: “The EG.5 COVID variant is spiking in the U.S. Is it time to mask up?”

The Washington Post advocated, “Vaccines and boosters still should be encouraged, as should safe social practices such as wearing face masks and keeping rooms well ventilated, health experts say.”

The New York Times advised, “As for how to behave in response to this trend, that’s a tricky question. Many experts still recommend wearing a mask in crowded indoor settings, but they know that not everyone will want to do so. If you’re at high risk for serious illness, you might want to mask up at the grocery store and avoid eating indoors at restaurants. Other people might just want to wear a mask at the airport, to avoid getting sick during that big summer vacation.

The Return of the Mandates….

On Monday, Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia announced that it was reinstating its mask mandate for everyone on campus. Around the same time, Syracuse’s Upstate Hospital in upstate New York announced this week: “Effective immediately, mandatory masking is required by all staff, visitors and patients in clinical areas of Upstate University Hospital, Upstate Community Hospital, and ambulatory clinical spaces.”

The New York hospital reinstating its mask mandate is just the tip of the iceberg. The underlying message is clear: COVID fear is back in fashion.

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What’s most alarming is the information from whistleblowers within TSA & Border Patrol, as reported by Infowars. According to them, the Biden administration has a plot in motion to unleash a FULL Covid lockdown starting in September, synchronized with the hysteria over these new variants.

We’ve been here before, and the damage to our country was catastrophic. Small businesses destroyed, mental health crises skyrocketing, and an erosion of our freedoms.

The Pharmaceutical Scam

Meanwhile, Moderna and other big pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer and Novavax, are racing to create new versions of their vaccines aimed at the latest subvariants. With the upcoming fall vaccination season, these updated shots are hailed as the next line of defense against the virus.

But it raises the question: are we in an unending cycle where we are being manipulated by big pharmaceutical companies and government bodies that stand to gain from a continuous state of panic? I think we all know the answer!

Back in May we told you this was far from over, as the World Health Organization and Bill Gates feverishly pushed the media to report that the Next Pandemic will be ‘More Deadly’ than COVID in their latest Fear Campaign.

This never-ending cycle of alarm bells and restrictions is not just an attack on our freedom but a betrayal of everything this country once stood for. Whether it’s the never-ending push for the next pandemic or trying to convince the world that global warming is going to kill everyone, it’s high time people wake the hell up and start to question the narratives being fed to us and demand that our liberties be respected and upheld.

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