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Window Security Bars With Plant On Window SillWindow Security Bars Buyer’s Guide

Today we are going over why you need window security bars and find the best on the market for you. We live in uncertain times.

Back in the day, you could leave your front door unlocked and the keys in your car. Why? Because everyone knew everyone in town.

Those days my friends, are gone, and now we have to protect our own.

Your home is a personal, protective, safe place for you and your loved ones. That’s why it’s vital you keep unwanted people out.

Intruders will do their best to get in if you have anything of value. That’s why one of the best deterrents is window security bars and locks.

Looking Out A Shattered Window

What Exactly Are Window Security Bars

Window bars are protective metal bars for windows. These devices make entry into your home near impossible.

Their sole purpose is to prevent access through a window. They typically include bolting heavy-duty metal bars over your windows. Thus, leaving room for airflow.

There are several types of burger bars for windows, including:

Permanent Bars

You install these window safety bars with the intention of them being permanent.

You will have dedicated security long-term with this type.

Hinged Bars

You can get window bars that will give you the benefit of restricted access through your windows. But still can unlock and swing them open for cleaning the windows.

In an emergency situation, you may need to open them to escape through the window.

Removable Bars

Its function is in the name.

You get unobstructed windows during the day and at night gain the ability to secure your windows.

These are typically found on business storefronts. But also works in your home or homestead.

Metal bars for windows are another layer of security for your home. And they’re a great visual deterrent for those who wish to gain unlawful entry.

burglur's gloved hand through a broken window

Why Do You Need Window Security Bars

Unless you live full-time in an underground bunker, you’ve been paying attention to world events.

Countries are in chaos with food shortages, natural disasters, and protests all around.

Extremist groups are smashing and grabbing everything they can get their hands on without recourse. And it’s not going to get better any time soon.

When people are desperate, they do desperate things, and you don’t want to be a victim of a house break-in.

Security bars have one job; to prevent access through your windows.

While this is their purpose, their function covers many situations.

1. Burglary

If someone is coming to your home to steal, they need to gain entry fast.

Windows are typically a weak point, so it’s essential to upgrade your security set up with window bars.

2. Protect Your Business

If you have a business location that’s not at your property, it is vulnerable to break-ins.

During the day, you and your staff are around. But when everyone leaves, gaining access is pretty easy through windows.

You can remedy this by installing burglar bars on windows and doors. This will keep your business protected overnight.

3. Keep Pets Safe

You may need to keep the windows open in hot weather, which could be an escape path for pets.

You don’t want your cat or dog slipping out when you aren’t around.

Keep them safe and secure with window bars.

4. Children

An open window is a dangerous falling hazard for young kids, and you don’t want to be part of the statistic.

When security bars on open windows, kids can see outside and get fresh air without the risk of falling out.

5. Off-Grid Cabin/Bug Out Location

If you’re a survivalist, you probably have a remote bug-out location. A place where you can head to when a major world crisis occurs.

This is a place that you have stockpiled food supplies, weapons, and your survival gear.

Having it secure means staying alive, so you have to install window security bars.

Then when you get to the cabin, everything is ready for you because nobody can access it.

Great Window Security Bar Safety Features

First off, having window bars is a safety feature in itself, but there are extra deterrents you can use.

You should use unique tamper-resistant screws for exterior window bars. Once you drive them in, no one is getting them out without the right tool.

They can either have a slip side when trying to back them off or a head that requires a special tool to fit in and turn them.

Most intruders will not have this tool, so they will give up quickly when they see this.

Some models have quick release functions if you need to get out through the window.

This is important for a family. Why? Because becoming trapped inside your home during an invasion or fire, could be deadly.

You can have bars that include an interior bar that spins in place so they can’t be sawed off.

This is a clever safety feature because it will deter a burglar even if they have cutting tools.

Spear edges are also popular. Because if someone tries to reach in to open a latch, or attempt to squeeze in around the side, they’ll get snagged and cut up.

Where To Install Window Bars

The real question is, where shouldn’t I?

Every window in your home, business, and cabin is susceptible to break-ins.

If money allows, you should get them all done. If you’re concerned about the cost or don’t want your place to look like a prison, start with the most vulnerable ones first.

Basement Windows

They are easy to reach, and an intruder can lay on the ground to access them without much hassle.

Blocked Windows

Any windows or glass doors behind trees and bushes give a burglar time to break in while camouflaged.

Backyard Windows

Once an intruder is in the backyard, they can move around unnoticed.

These back windows are off the street. And usually, there are more windows and sliding glass doors outback.

Child Assessable Windows

If you have lower windows in your home where kids can get to, guard them.

Tragically, too many children have fallen to their deaths through open windows.

Business Glass

Any business entrance that’s made of glass can be smashed without much hassle.

So install bars OR window security film on all glass windows and doors for overnight security.

Best Window Security Bars On The Market

Now you know what window bars are and why you need them.

And Skilled Survival has done all the leg work for you. That way, you can buy some modern window security bars for your home security.

Let’s check out the best window security bars on the market today.

1. Defender Security Products – S 4780 Operable Window Guard

Defender Security makes a window guard that’s a visual deterrent for would-be burglars.

It’s specifically designed for protection from your kids falling through windows. And it’s mounted inside the home.

With carbon steel tubing and spacing 3 7//8″, this window bar won’t allow anyone in or out.

Tamper-resistant screws hold the steel window guard in place. But it has a 3-step quick release guard removal feature. That way, you can get it off in an emergency when you need to exit the house fast.

They also come in a fixed version where the window guard is permanently installed.

It has a telescoping width adjustment from 31″ to 54″, so you can use it on most windows in your house.

The window security bars from Defender Security will keep your children safe.

2. Knape & Vogt – John Sterling Non-Opening Style 3-Bar Child Safety and Window Guard

John Sterling Non-Opening Style 3-Bar Child Safety and Window GuardHere is an excellent window guard setup from Knape & Vogt.

Their 3-bar unit is adjustable for 24″ to 42″ window widths and is a permanent solution to window entry.

They are 15″ high, so a window that opens 18″ is covered and secure.

The window safety bars are constructed of solid steel with 4 3/4″ spacing between the bars. That way, no one can slip through.

Also, they’ve been tested for 150 lbs. of force when extended to their full width. That’s what you want in a window bar.

It’s finished in a black powder coating, so it looks stylish and is durable too.

It’s a great option to keep your kids safe and a better deterrent for intruders.

3. Grisham – Spear Point 7-Bar Security Bar Window Guard

Spear Point 7-Bar Security Bar Window GuardWhen you want to stop someone from entering your home, Grisham is the answer. They have a 36 in. x 54 in.

Their Spear Point 7-Bar Security Bar Window Guard is strong. You get the best of both worlds with these window bars; strength and looks.

They mount on the exterior of your home, and with the spears, no one is going to try to mess around with them.

And they’re decorative, so you don’t have to worry about ugly bars on your windows.

They are rust-resistant with a long-lasting finish. And require mounting brackets for fixed installation or a quick-release mechanism.

4. Prime-Line Products – S 4767 Fixed Window Guard

S 4767 Fixed Window GuardHaving a window guard that can protect your children from accidental falls. And ALSO secure your windows from intruders is invaluable.

Prime-line Products have you covered with their line of window security bars.

These bars are black carbon steel square tubing for extra strength and can bar egress and entry.

Your children are safe as they can’t remove these bars and can’t fit through with only 3 7/8″ spacing.

For installation, there are tamper-proof screws. And you have the option of adjusting the telescopic width from 32 1/2″ to 54″.

This window bar is only for interior use and is fixed in place.

You cannot open these for cleaning or an emergency exit, so they are for standard room windows in your house.

Prime-line does have hinged versions for use in bedrooms.

5. Knape & Vogt – John Sterling Swing-Open Style 6-Bar Child Safety and Window Guard

We have another Knape & Vogt window guard with a swing-open style. These work great for emergency exiting and window cleaning.

These are easy to install and are a rigid deterrent for those wanting in. And children trying to get out with their pin lock and options to add a padlock for extra security.

Installation width measures from 24″ to 42″ with a max height of 25″.

They are solid steel and have a 6-bar arrangement, so nothing is slipping through these bars.

It’s also finished with a white powder coating.

These modern window security bars will look great while securing your windows.

Final Thoughts

Home security is a must-have these days. Because as a responsible, resilient adult, you must protect what’s yours and keep those inside – safe from harm.

Skilled Survival has your safety and security in mind. Our list of window security bars and locks will help fortify your homestead and bug-out cabin.

Until next time – Prepare, Adapt, and Overcome;

“Just In Case” Jack

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