Best Survival Multitools For Everyday Carry

Best Survival MultiToolLooking for the best survival multi-tool money can buy?

You’re in the right place. Today, we’ll go over the features you want in your survival multitool and a few that are worth owning.

Because tools have always been essential to survival.

From early discoveries like the wheel, the knife, and bows and arrows to today’s tools like vehicles, computers, and servers.

We continue to develop our tools to sustain and improve our lives.

But the problem with traditional hand tools has always been the same: they are burdensome.

Most are heavy, and keeping a fully stocked toolbox on you all the time would get really old fast.

Even a handful of tools on a tool belt weighs you down.

Luckily, we humans are a clever bunch.

With our modern technology, we’ve engineered some amazing survival multi-tools.

These multi-tool devices are an entire toolbox attached to your hip or can slip easily into a bug out bag.

Our ancestors would undoubtedly be insanely jealous of this solution to that age-old problem.

That’s why I think every serious survivalist should own at least one multitool in their survival gear.

They’re lightweight, packable, and useful for everyday situations, as well as survival situations.

How Do Multi-Tools Transform?

However, there are about forty thousand different types to choose from, and each one boasts a different set of “essential” tools. Each claiming – of course – to be the undisputed best.

So how do we choose from such an overwhelming selection? That’s exactly what this article is for.

If you’re interested in buying a survival multi-tool for yourself, you’ve come to the right place!

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Unique Multitool Styles

Now, let’s clear something up – multi-tools are highly useful but supplemental. They are a jack of all trades device. They’re not as effective as a dedicated tool for any of the jobs they perform.

For example, most electric saws are better and faster than a multi-tool saw blade. But you can’t wear a table saw on your hip. So a multi-tool is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none tool.

They’re ideal for “quick fixes” and small casual problems. They’re not a replacement for a conventional set of tools. Dedicated tools that are extremely useful and extremely valuable.

That being said, every survivalist should have a multi-tool because it’s like a ‘mini-me’ of your full tool kit. So the first thing you need to decide when you’re looking for a survival multi-tool is which kind you want to buy.

There are three main types of multi-tool options:

Swiss Army Knife On A Rock

1. Swiss Army Knives

These are classic folding knives. They’ve been a popular survival tool for well over a century.

The first Swiss army knives included a knife blade, a bottle opener, a reamer, and a screwdriver.

Today though, you can find just about any combination of tools.

Genuine Swiss Army Knives are made by Victorinox.

How Swiss Army Knives Are Made

And if you have a survival medical kit, you NEED to keep a small multi-tool in there.

Obviously, these smaller tools are not the most versatile, but they’re better than nothing in a pinch.

Brief History Survival Multi Tools

Multi-tools have been around longer than you would probably imagine. The very first known folding, multi-use tool was from around 200 AD!

And (surprisingly) it wasn’t designed so soldiers could carry different types of knives with them. Nor was it intended for construction purposes, medical purposes, or self-defense. No, the very first multi-tool was designed for eating.

Some bright Roman did not want to give up his eating utensils when he traveled and built the world’s first folding multi-tool.

It was primarily just a fork and spoon on a hinge, but it made a handy type of invention in motion.

Fast forward 1600 years and humanity got its second incarnation of the multi-tool. The Swiss company Victorinox began in 1884 as a cutler’s knife workshop – but by 1886 was transformed into the world’s most infamous folding tool company.

The first real Swiss Army Knife was made in 1893; the rest is history, as they say.

It wouldn’t be until the 1980s when another company, started by Tim Leatherman, rose to compete.

Tim had a degree in mechanical engineering. He realized there was a significant gap between what he needed from a multi-tool and what was available. So he started his own multi-tool company, Leatherman.

Today, just about every knife manufacturer makes a multi-tool – be it a multi-function pocket knife or a techy bi-fold.

The multi-tool patent has spread, and you can find just about any combination of tools, style, color, shape, weight, dimensions, or unique attributes you might want.

Final Thoughts

I can’t imagine a more effective everyday carry survival tool than the multi-tool.

It’s the physical embodiment of the survival mentality: versatile, multi-function, durable, and effective.

Even if you own a survival knife already, I would recommend investing in a high-quality survival multi-tool

And don’t be shy when it comes to quantity: buy one for your car, one for your bug out bag, one for your camping gear, another to keep at home, another at the office, and another at your side!

The more, the merrier.

Obviously, they don’t all have to be 33-function multi-tools. I would recommend buying one excellent, high-quality multi-tool to keep on your person.

Then a handful of more generic, smaller, less-expensive ones in your gear bags and wherever else.

Any real survivalist wouldn’t dare go without owning at least one multi-tool.

Not because they replace your grandfather’s toolset, not because they mitigate the need for an actual tool bench or tool shed, but because they offer you some basic (and sometimes advanced) tools in an easily accessible, easily packable, lightweight companion.

Simply put, multi-tools are the ultimate survival tools.

Prepare, Adapt, and Overcome,

“Just In Case” Jack

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