Best Folding Saws For Camping, Pruning & Clearing With Ease

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Folding Saw Cutting A Branch

I believe there are five cutting tools EVERYONE should own:

  1. Survival Knife
  2. Survival Hatchet
  3. Survival Machete
  4. Survival Axe
  5. Folding Saw

Many people only focus on knives and hatchets (perhaps because they’re weapons and tools).

But they’re limiting themselves by ignoring the cutting power of the folding saw.

It’s a simple, lightweight tool that pays for itself often in camp and at home.

So today, I’m going to lean on my Engineering, Design, Mountain Rescue & Gear Testing expertise to cover the following:

Best Folding Saws For Sale

What’s A Folding Saw?

Why You Should Invest In One

Best Folding Saw Features

Sharpening A Serrated Saw

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Best Folding Saws On The Market Today

1. Top Pick

Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH Folding Saw

My wife is a city arborist who prunes dozens of trees daily in city parks and streets – and she swears by her Corona Saws.

The Corona RazorTOOTH is a large pruning saw with pyramidal teeth that cut on both strokes.

It’s a very comfortable saw with good reach and an ergonomic handle.

The blade locks in both open and closed positions, making it safer for both use and transport.

The blade is chrome plated and hardened but does need cleaning and a light coat of oil to prevent corrosion.

A 10″ blade is perfect for limbs up to about 6″; for anything bigger, you should consider a chainsaw instead.

The Corona Saw is efficient, reliable, and safe.

Why? Because its primary clients are pro arborists – folks who use pruning saws daily.


  • High-quality materials and build.
  • Replaceable blades are available.
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort.
  • Clean, efficient cuts


  • Thinner blades may bend if used improperly.

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Bahco 396-JT Folding Pruning Saw

Another high-quality pruning saw is the Bahco 396-JT.

It’s a favorite of my mountain bike trail-builders group.

That’s because it’s lightweight and compact.

And it stands up to harsh mountain trail use and abuse.

It also stands up to the abuse of pruning roots and branches.

But it can build wooden cribbing to hold back switchbacks.

And it can take a beating from rambling about in a backpack all day with other tools.

The non-stick blade coating helps with the ever-present sticky sap and dirt.

Plus, the replaceable blades are easy to swap.

And necessary when someone accidentally bends one in the field – or drags the teeth across a hidden rock.


  • Solid blade lock in both open and closed positions
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Low friction and sap-resistant blade coating


  • Smaller blade length limits limb size
  • Dark color hard to find if dropped in brush

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Silky Professional BIGBOY 2000 Folding Saw

Silky is another highly-regarded brand of folding saws.

Arborists and professionals agree that the BIGBOY 2000 lives up to the name!

It features a monster 14.2″ blade for the biggest pruning jobs.

It isn’t overly curved, making it efficient for cutting up to 8-9″ limbs and small trunks.

The blade is replaceable and comes in 4 styles, denoted by handle color.

But they’re all interchangeable.

So you can either mix and match blades on one handle.

Or keep with the color coding to make it easy to identify which saw you’re grabbing.

Finally, it’s incredibly lightweight for the size, at just over 1 lb!


  • Durable, high-quality build
  • Well-balanced feel in the hand
  • Extremely lightweight. Longer blade than most similar saws


  • 16″ closed length can be harder to pack.
  • Expensive

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Felco F 600 Folding Saw

The Felco F600 is my favorite small saw for overhead work due to its low weight, grippy handle, and compact size.

The 6.3″ version of the saw is perfect for pruning fruit trees and other yard work.

It also helps in deer camps when you must prune out some shot trails.

It’s quick and productive without much fuss.

The blade and tooth shape release sawdust easily to make easy sawing.


  • Very lightweight
  • Non-slip handle design


  • The small design might not fit large hands

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