Best Emergency Water Storage Tanks For Self Reliance

Emergency Water Storage TanksFinding The Perfect Emergency Water Storage Tank

Water is the source of all life on Earth.

Without it, anything living dies.

Without it, there would be no civilizations.

No people, no plants, no animals. No chance of survival.

Nothing but inorganic stone and wind.

Water is the-most-essential resource known to man.

In fact, we’re so dependent on water it can be described as a burdensome necessity. Right?

  • Water is heavy
  • It’s easily contaminated
  • It evaporates over time
  • Dehydration kills

My point is water is life. Our daily lives depend on it.

That’s why everyone, whether you’re a prepper or not, should keep a supply of survival water in their house.

When disaster strikes, it often takes out municipal water systems and electricity grids first. Both of which are needed to keep municipal water running. And if that goes down, your access to clean drinkable water goes out the window.

Unless, of course, you have stored water at home.

Buying cases of plastic water bottles or using old milk jugs works, but it’s not the most efficient method.

Soft plastic bottles will leach chemicals over time (especially if exposed to sunlight).

It’s far better to use water storage tanks. These handy aquifers come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick the right ones to fit your survival needs.

The better ones are designed to hold water without chemical contamination.

Not just that, but they’re easy to refill. And you can rig water storage tanks to collect and filter rainwater to replenish your supply.

So today, we’ll be deep-diving into the following water storage tank topics:

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Water Well With Ben Franklin Quote

The Coming Water Crisis

There are no two ways about it; the world is facing a water crisis.

The Water Crisis National Geographic

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