A.I. Takes Center Stage at Secret Bilderberg Meeting, What You Need to Know

The threatening rise of A.I.

The secretive and controversial Bilderberg Meeting started today in Lisbon, Portugal, bringing together the world’s most powerful leaders in politics, media, and business. This gathering of elites has always been shrouded in suspicion, with some claiming that the Bilderberg Group is a force behind the New World Order. Now, as the meeting starts, one of the main topics of discussion is none other than artificial intelligence (A.I.), and this should raise some serious concerns especially after our article yesterday on Lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS).

Joining the ranks of this secretive assembly of elites are influential A.I. proponents such as Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, and top leaders from tech giants Microsoft and Google. The fact that the Bilderberg Meeting is prioritizing A.I. should raise red flags for anyone who values freedom and the preservation of humanity.

Already, A.I. is being integrated into almost all aspects of our life, whether you realize it or not. OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are just a couple of examples of the rapid development taking place. But even the people running these programs seem to know we are heading towards some really dangerous times. In fact, people like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have repeatedly raised concerns about the dangers posed by A.I.

Musk, in particular, has cautioned that A.I. could surpass human intelligence by 2025, leading to an unstable future. It is clear that A.I. presents a far greater threat than we are being told.

Geoffrey Hinton, considered the godfather of Artificial Intelligence, made headlines with his recent departure from Google and warnings about the “Existential Threat” of AI

As the Bilderberg Meeting begins today behind closed doors, with the participants invoking the Chatham House Rule to maintain secrecy, it’s important to remember that many people believe that members of this mysterious group have been responsible for pulling the strings behind most major global events. While some may dismiss these things as “conspiracy theories”, history suggests that Bilderberg discussions have influenced significant events like the 2008 banking collapse, Bill Clinton’s presidency and the passage of NAFTA, and even the downfall of Margaret Thatcher due to her opposition to the European Union.

The discussions taking place at the Bilderberg Meeting, particularly regarding the topic of A.I. this week, are concerning, to say the least. As A.I. continues to advance – with some of the world’s most egotistical and manipulative people at the helm — A.I. will become one of the biggest threats to our society, our freedoms, and even our very existence.

What you can do to protect yourself!

  • Start buying paperbacks and anything old! We are coming to a time where not only have WOKE policies made almost everything you read on the internet suspect, but now with A.I. you are going to more susceptible than ever to being fed the narrative they want you to see!
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