9 Best Electric Lighters For Survival, Camping And Everyday Use

By Just In Case Jack |
Last Updated: June 23, 2021

Today, I want to talk about electric lighters. These new electric arc lighters are great for survival, camping, lighting candles, and cigarettes.

Because our mission at Skilled Survival is to prepare you for real-life survival situations.

To ready you for emergencies where you have to react quickly. And to give you the skills and confidence to thrive in the elements.

There are several priorities in an emergency, one of the most important being fire.

Fire keeps you warm and cooks food. That’s why you must have the survival gear to get a fire started in ANY situation or location. And that means you need a survival lighter.

And electric lighters are a wise choice.

Yes, you can bring along matches in your survival bag, but they won’t work if they’re wet or it’s windy. And forget about rubbing sticks together because this ain’t summer camp!

You need a reliable source of open flame to get your fire started quickly.

Whether it’s camping, hunting, or in an emergency situation, if you are fed up with matches or sick of relying on plastic lighters that run out of fuel, you need an electrical lighter!

It’s notshould you have one” but “which one you should own”. That’s why today I’m going to cover the following topics:

Electric Lighters Vs. Fuel Based Lighters (Pro/Cons)
5 Main Types Of Electric Lighters
7 Reasons An Electric Lighter Is Superior To A Fuel Lighter
9 Best Electric Lighters On The Market Today
How To Make A DIY Electric Lighter

**Note: If you just want to know our top brands, feel free to SKIP AHEAD HERE.

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Electric Lighters Vs. Fuel Based Lighters (Pros/Cons)

Primitive lighters can be traced back to the mid-1600s. However, the first fuel-based lighter was invented in Germany in 1823.

They have come a long way with the Zippo and Bic lighter and used naphtha and then butane as fuel to make fire.

Electric arc lighters first hit the market with a 2015 Kickstarter campaign. And with the ability to recharge, they are fast becoming the go-to lighter for:

and survivalists

Electric Lighters

A rechargeable electric lighter runs on electricity. It’s in the name!

They are really a breakthrough in portable lighters. Why? Because you don’t have to worry about fuel running out, and that means no tossing it in the trash and no messy refueling.

An electric lighter can have an electric coil or uses either 2 or 4 electrodes and generates a plasma beam.

They quickly charge up via USB, and then you are good to go for hundreds of lights.

They are also really cool. Because you are using plasma energy to make fire, and that means no impact on the planet.


Safer to use
No messy fuel or need to throw away
Recharge with USB connection


Not as lightweight as disposable lighters
More expensive
Small lighting surface

Fuel Based Lighters

Your standard lighter comes in either metal or plastic container. And it’s filled with either a flammable liquid fuel or compressed gas.

There is an ignition mechanism to make your flame so you can light anything you need to set fire to.

You can find these portable lighters at most checkout areas of stores, and they are really cheap.

They will only last as long as there is fuel and are either thrown away or refilled if you have that option.


durable plastic or metal


they are not waterproof
striking wheels get very hot
disposable ones are garbage when they run out of fuel
end up in the landfill Different

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5 Main Types Of Electric Lighters

Electric lighters use the fourth state of matter. Energy gets ionized in the air, and the gas is called plasma.

When you charge the lighter is has stored energy, waiting to be used. And when you press the button, an arc of energy crosses the electrodes.

Pretty awesome, right?

Let’s check out the different types of electrical lighters you can get.

1. Electric Candle Lighter

All-electric lighters work great for starting fires, and a candle lighter is no different.

The advantage of these is that they can reach hard-to-get areas like candles or into your fire or BBQ. They have a long body, so it’s easy to get a good grip on them and an extended, flexible neck where the arc is produced.

They’re convenient for different applications.

Plus, using them is safer if you have kids because the heating end is far away from their fingers.

They are a bit bulky and won’t fit into your pocket.

So you need to safely stow them away when you are on your outdoor adventures.

2. Electric Cigarette Lighter

An electric cigarette lighter is a little different because it has a heated coil to make a fire.

It’s like the car lighters of yesteryear, and it works very well for cigarettes. They can look like regular fuel lighters or large memory sticks and charge easily via USB.

They are lightweight and can fit in your pocket. But you won’t have much luck for starting fires as there is no exposed flame or arc.

Use these for lighting your smokes.

3. Single Arc/Double Arc Lighters

Most of your electric lighters will harness the element of plasma to make ignition.

This is produced by ionizing energy in the air and stimulating the atoms to create a current. It’s like a mini lightning bolt in your pocket!

The plasma travels from one positive electrode to another negative electrode at different charges. This creates the ignition.

A single arc lighter has two electrodes, creating one arc.
A double arc has twice as many creating two arcs.

The dual arc also has twice the power but is less energy efficient.

Depending on your needs, you may get by with a single arc, but a double arc gets the job done faster. Both need to be recharged with a USB connection.

4. Zippo Insert

If you regularly carry a lighter, chances are you have a Zippo.

They are an excellent lighter brand, and they stand out in the crowd, far above those cheap plastic lighters.

Maybe you don’t want to give up that custom Zippo case you have. What can you do?

Zippo has different lighter inserts to change out your type of lighter. And give you options depending on your needs. You can get the single and double torch butane inserts.

It’s time to switch to their rechargeable electric lighter.

It’s a double arc insert where the arcs cross for powerful plasma ignition.

Why not customize your tried and true Zippo by converting it into an electrical lighter?

5. Survival Electric Lighter

We’ve shown you some practical electric lighters that have multi-uses like:

starting fires

But there are other electrical lighters out there that take survival head-on.

This type of electric arc lighter is designed for rugged use and is made to take a beating. They will have molded rubber and hard plastic exteriors.

These features keep your lighter intact through almost any survival situation. Plus, they also come with vital assessors.

Things like:

a locking mechanism
short circuit protection
starter rope
and a Ferro rod

These survival features help when you need to make a fire in the wilderness.

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7 Reasons An Electric Lighter Is Superior To A Fuel Lighter

1. Rechargeable

This may be the best reason to buy an electric arc lighter. Having the ability to charge your lighter means you won’t run out of fuel.

Yes, you need the have a charger. But you already should have that covered for your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

It just plugs into the USB port on your portable charger or solar-powered charger, and in a few hours, you are good to go.

Forget about those butane lighters because they run out and get thrown out.

2. Windproof

Ever try to flick your Bic when it’s windy?

It’s super aggravating, and if you need to get your fire going quickly, a fuel-based lighter isn’t your best friend.

Electric lighters have the advantage in that the wind doesn’t affect them.

You can be confident that it will ignite regardless of wind strength or direction. So no more cupping your hands around your lighter and burning your fingers.

3. Less Environmental Impact

With plastic lighters, when they run out of fuel, you throw them away.

Guess where they end up? In the local dump or worse.

Unfortunately, plastic lighters are among the most common debris found in the oceans. And this is a damn shame.

When you use an electric arc lighter, there is no running out of fuel. Just recharge and reuse for years.

There’s also no ozone-damaging fumes from refilling and burning butane.

4. Waterproof

When camping or in a survival situation, you need a reliable fire-starting source regardless of the weather.

You should always carry matches in your survival bag as a backup, but they are useless if they get wet.

That’s why you need an electric lighter that is waterproof.

Many are designed with a locking lid and waterproof housing. So your electric plasma lighter will work no matter what happens when you are out in the wilderness.

5. Cost-Effective

If you compare the price of a standard lighter to an electric lighter, the electric lighter is more expensive.

And if you threw it away when your Bic ran out, you’d be wasting your money spending more money on it. Fortunately, the electric lighter recharges over and over, so once you buy one, that’s all you need to spend.

The lithium battery inside an electrical lighter will recharge around 500 times. This gives you over 10,000 sparks.

Now that’s money well spent!

6. Safety

Owning a rechargeable electric lighter gives you peace of mind. Why? Because it’s safer than regal lighters. There is no fuel to leak and no accidental sparks.

Most electric lighters have a locking system and an on/off switch as built-in safety features. There is also no flame coming out, so you and your kids are not likely to get burned.

You can even use them upside down or in any 360-degree direction for ignition.

7. Stylish

Besides all the other great features that an electric lighter gives you, it just looks cool. They come in a variety of designs, so you can choose one that fits your style.

Everyone is familiar with the dull flame of a standard lighter. But when you start creating plasma, it draws attention.

You don’t need to be trendy to own one, but it will definitely step up your game.

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9 Best Electric Lighters On The Market Today

Now it’s time to look at the best electric lighters on the market today.

You should definitely pick several different kinds from the list. And include them in all your survival backpacks and vehicle survival kits.

1. Tough Tesla Lighter From Survival Frog

We all know the story of Tesla. The man never made it to fame and fortune like Edison.

However, he did invent the Tesla coil using plasma to transfer energy.

Today we can thank him for the electric arc lighter.

The Tough Tesla Lighter is a dual arc rechargeable electric lighter. And it’s ideal for the serious survivalist.

It’s constructed of military-grade rubberized plastic.

So it can take the rough’ n tough abuse of outdoor living and camping.

This also makes it completely waterproof, which is crucially important when traversing land and water.

It’s also windproof, so you never have to deal with finding cover to get a spark.

It’s lightweight and compact, so you can slip it into your pocket.

And when you need it, just press a button, and you’re ready to ignite.

If that weren’t enough, this Tesla Lighter comes with:

a burnable tinder lanyard for starting a fire
an emergency rescue whistle attached

And you get over 250 strikes with a 2 hour charge time, so you know it won’t let you down.

Finally, it comes with a 100% “Extra American Guarantee.“

Meaning… if you decide your Tough Tesla Lighter isn’t exactly what you wanted, just send Survival Frog an email anytime in the next 6 months for a full, prompt refund.


Extremely durable
Waterproof case
Windproof arc
Includes survival whistle and lanyard
Strong 6-month refund policy


Hard time deep-seated candle wicks
Dual arcs design twice as much power as single arcs
Bright orange color may not be for everyone

2. ICFUN Waterproof Lighter

This electric lighter comes to us from ICFUN and is another rugged survival lighter.

It’s very compact, so you can add it to any of your emergency kits, but it also has a lanyard to wear around your neck if you want.

A large rubber ring seals the lighter when you close the lid and hook the metal clasp on, making it completely waterproof.

This is the electric lighter you want for hiking and camping because it holds a long and durable charge.

Plus, the company offers a 60-day guarantee to make sure you are getting what you paid for.

To charge this electrical lighter, you have to open the lid because the USB port is on the side of the coil.

All in all, an outstanding electric lighter to keep you inflame when you need it.


Extremely durable
Waterproof case
Windproof arc
Lots of colors to choose from
Comes with a lanyard


Dual arcs design twice as much power as single arcs
Hard time deep-seated candle wicks
Only a 60-day guarantee

3. Tesla Coil Electric Arc Lighter

We’ve included another Telsa lighter here because they are that great!

This is a single arc electric lighter, and it’s a good idea to carry one. Why? Because the charge lasts much longer than the dual arc.

It quickly charges with the included USB cord, which plugs into the bottom of the unit.

This coil lighter has a sleek design but also comes with a cloth carry pouch. This means you can fit the lighter and cord when you stow it in your survival pack.

There’s a button on the side to ignite the lighter, but it won’t light unless the lid is open. That’s an important safety feature for sure.

It’s not waterproof, but you still have no issues getting the plasma arc in high winds.

A solid single arc electric lighter to add to your collection for backup and smaller uses.


Single arc design will last a long time between charges
A few different color options
Comes with a cloth carry pouch


Single arc design is not as powerful
Hard time deep-seated candle wicks
No mention of guarantee

4. RONXS Electric Candle Lighter

RONXS has a high-quality electric candle lighter that’s ideal for everyday situations.

The design makes it ideal for reaching into:

Out-of-reach candles

It does this with a sturdy handle base and flexible neck.

When fully charged, this single arc lighter will give you over 6000 uses. And there’s even an LED charge indicator on the side with 5 ascending lights.

This is a game-changer because you know when it is getting low and when you need to charge up.

Its simple design has a USB port, an on and off switch, and a button to engage.

This is ideal for indoor and outdoor use so bring one along your next camping trip.


Gooseneck design is ideal for deep-seated candle wicks
Keeps fingers further away from arcs when lighting
Single arc design provides over 6000 uses per charge
LED charge indicator light helps manage power needs


Not rugged enough for survival or camping
Not waterproof – no waterproof container
No mention of guarantee or warranty

5. Zippo Electric Arc Insert

If you’ve been an avid outdoorsman for a while, you probably have a standard Zippo lighter.

They are small and sleek and real high-quality. Now with this new plasma lighter technology, you need to switch over.

Zippo has you covered because their new electric lighter inserts fit almost all standard Zippo lighters.

You’ll get around 300 charges with 40 uses per charge.

You get:

Double plasma arc beam
Micro USB port
Safety double click ignition
10 second time out feature
Windproof heat source
All metal construction

It’s great to have a genuine Zippo electric lighter to add to your emergency kit and one in your pocket at all times.


Durable all-metal construction
If you already own a zippo, no need to buy another lighter
Safety features – a double-click ignite and 10-second timeout


Deep-seated arc design makes it hard to light candles or fat cigars
Only 40 uses per charge
No mention of guarantee or warranty

6. HiFan Rechargeable Electric Flameless Lighter

Here we have another excellent rechargeable electric arc lighter from HiFan.

This is an electric candle lighter with a wand design that makes it easy to reach awkward places.

This is also very safe for children to use because the arc is at the end of the wand. So they won’t get burned or shocked when using it.

The neck rotates 360 degrees to get any angle you need. Making it ideal for relighting fires and BBQs as well as candles and fireworks.

There is a safety on/off switch and an automatic 7-second auto stop spark as well.

You get 600-800 burns per charge.

And it quickly charges with the supplied USB cable from your portable solar charger or solar power station.


Gooseneck design is ideal for deep-seated candle wicks
The neck rotates 360 degrees for maximum flexibility
Keeps fingers further away from arcs when lighting
600 to 800 burns PER CHARGE


Not rugged enough for survival or camping
Not waterproof – no waterproof container
No mention of guarantee or warranty

7. Black Beard Fire-Starting Bundle (with Electric Arc Lighter)

So far, we’ve checked out some tremendous electric lighters. But it’s time to step up your survival gear with the Black Beard Fire-Starting Bundle!

This is the ultimate fire-starting setup because you have everything you need to start and maintain a fire on your camping trip, off-grid cabin, or bugout location.

This bundle includes:

1 dual arc electric lighter
4 Black Beard fire starters
1 Ferro rod
a top-notch fire kit organizer
and a Black Beard velcro patch

You will have no problem getting a fire going with this bundle, that’s for sure.

Just cut off some starter rope and use your electric arc lighter to ignite it.

Then you can build your fire around that. The starter rope is waterproof, and you’ll get over 50 fires out of each one.

The backup Ferro rod is there when you need it as a backup. But your primary source of ignition is the included electric lighter.

It charges fast and will supply you with over 300 ignites. That’s a whole lot of fires between charges!

This is an awesome bundled kit for the serious survivalist and deep woods camper.

So why not carry this extensive fire bundle for your next adventure.


It’s a complete survival fire bundle
Includes a Ferro rod as a backup
Includes waterproof lighter and starter rope


More expensive price point (due to it being a bundle)
No mention of guarantee or warranty

8. Sparq Electric Lighter

This rechargeable electric lighter is in its own class.

With the Sparq by Saberlight, you get a plasma igniter, unlike any other arc lighter.

They re-engineered it by using free-form plasma energy, making it a plasm torch.

Suppose you have had trouble lighting flat surfaces with the standard electric arc lighters with narrow Tesla coils. In that case, this will solve all your problems.

They call their technology “Star Wars-like,” and for a good reason.

The electrodes come right off the end with a fully hinged cap, so it’s not blocked.

On the bottom, you have the on/off switch and a USB port for charging. It charges in about an hour and will give you 3 hours of use.

The ignite button is always illuminated so when not in use, turn the unit off to preserve the battery.

This is an incredible electric lighter with an intelligent design.


The slim design makes it highly portable
Includes an On/Off switch for safety


If you accidentally leave the switch ON, it will drain the battery over time
The blue “power on” ring is very bright – can draw unwanted attention
Unclear how many “uses” a full charge gives you – dual arcs use more power
No mention of guarantee or warranty

9. TG Tactical Plasma Lighter

For extreme adventures and survival situations, you want to have the tactical advantage.

This plasma lighter from TG fits the bill perfectly.

It’s built with a tough silicone rubber casing to protect it from all damage and waterproofing.

For a tight seal, there is a robust locking system and push to open the cover. This makes sure the plasma coil is protected during your outings.

Plug in the included USB cable for a quick 2-hour charge, and you are going to get over 300 uses before it runs out.

You get a powerful double arc for fast ignition and built-in short circuit protection.

These features make this electric lighter a must-have item on your bug out bag checklist.


Extremely durable
Waterproof case
Windproof arc


Dual arcs design twice as much power as single arcs
Hard time lighting deep-seated candle wicks
No mention of guarantee or warranty

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How To Make A DIY Electric Lighter

Now you’ve seen the best electric lighters on the market.

What about making your own? Do you need the brainpower of Tesla, or can the above-average Joe construct it?

DIY Electric Lighter

Start with a good-sized metal housing unit that will fit the components. But small enough to still comfortably slip into your pocket.

The transformer for the circuits will need to fit inside, so find one to work with.

You may have to uncoil the primary circuit and create a new one.

You need to form a resonating circuit, so solder a capacitor to the primary coil to get the right frequency.

Then connect an inductor to give you constant current from the voltage.

Attach an appropriately sized battery to supply the current.

If this sounds complicated and high-tech, it is.

Make sure you know what you are doing or follow someone online who is doing it right.

DIY Arc Lighter Glove

For an even more fabulous DIY project, you can create an arc lighter glove!

If you want your plasma arc lighter to be mounted to a glove, it can happen.

Strip down your arc lighter and take out the components.

Wire extensions will need to be soldered on. This allows the switch and electrodes to be placed on the fingers of the glove.

Use a heavy-duty rubber and stiff plastic glove that will protect your fingers. But still, be able to activate the lighter and switch it off and on.

Separate and mount the two sides of the arc electrodes on the fingers. That way, when they’re brought together, the plasma will jump and create the spark for ignition.

Mount the switch on the thumb or between the finger where it is easily activated.

Be extremely careful because you are modifying transformers, circuits, and batteries.

You don’t want to get burned or shocked, so get the knowledge needed and go for it with caution!

Final Thoughts

Having the ability to start a fire in an emergency situation is a top 3 priority.

Make it easy on yourself by not screwing around with matches. Instead, get several electric lighters as they’re a great survival gift.

Put them in all your EDC bags and IFAK kits. Now you are ready to dominate the terrain and survive!

“Just In Case” Jack

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