5 Ways to Generate Power in a Disaster

5 Ways to Generate Power in a Disaster

You understand the importance of electricity in the modern world, and you want to be able to still have it should the grid go down for whatever reason. To do such, you’ve been on the lookout for ways in which you can still generate power even when the lights are out.

If this is the situation you find yourself in, you’re not alone. Plenty of other people out there have had the exact same question, and it’s because of this that there are so many options available on the market today.

So just what are those options?

Read on, and we’ll show you five ways to generate power in a disaster.

  1. Windmills

windmill alternative power

If you live in an area where there is plenty of blustery weather, windmills can be a great way to help generate extra electricity while the power is down. They tend to require a bit more maintenance than some other forms of off-grid power, and you’re likely going to want to keep a few extra fan blades in stock, but they generate power for you even in bad weather – something solar can’t touch.

The only potential negative with a windmill would be that in a long-term grid-down situation, this would easily set you apart as somebody who has power. Windmills are tall of necessity, and unless you live in a secluded area hidden from neighbors and roads, this could easily be observed.

Best Windmills for Bug-Out Bags: To my knowledge, these don’t exist.

Best Windmills for Bug-Out Vehicles: Dyna-Living 400W/12V Wind Turbine

Best Windmills for Survival Retreats: Nature Power 70701 2000W Wind Turbine

  1. Watermills

watermill survival prepper power

These are my favorite means of off-grid power generation. They’re discrete, don’t have a large signature, and often can give you a constant source of massive wattage. The size of the mill is going to be the main factor with how much power you can generate.

Regardless of where you need power though, these are typically relatively small compared to other power generating methods.

Best Watermills for Bug-Out Bags: Waterlily USB

Best Watermills for Bug-Out Vehicles: Windzilla PMA Pelton Water Wheel Adapter

Best Watermills for Survival Retreat:

DC Water Turbine Generator Water 12V DC 10W Micro-Hydro Water Charging Tool

Hydro Generator Micro Hydro Water Turbine Generator US Plug for Household Lighting TV Electric Furnace 110V (600W)

  1. Solar Panels

solar panel survival energy

If you live in an area with a hot summer or sunshine year-round, looking into solar panels could very much end up being a wise investment. There’s no noise, zero fuss, and provided they’re out of sight, nobody will be any the wiser that you’re harvesting the energy of the sun.

These make for a fantastic way of (relatively) constant power production you’re going to want to check into.

Best Solar Panels for Bug-Out Bags: BigBlue Foldable 28W Panel

Best Solar Panels for Bug-Out Vehicles: Jackery Explorer 500 with Jackery 100W Panels

Best Solar Panels for Survival Retreat: Panasonic Solar Panels

  1. Battery Banks

emergency power bank

While technically not a form of generating power, battery banks can serve as an incredibly useful form of off-grid power. Unbeknown to most, battery banks were actually how the majority of farms that were wired for electricity got their power before the power lines were put in out where they were at.

For the best discussion I’ve read to date on how to set up your own backup power battery bank, I highly recommend reading Lights On. For those who just want to know what’s the best out there, check out our recommendations below.

Best Battery Bank for Bug-Out Bags: Blavor Qi Portable Charger

Best Battery Bank for Bug-Out Vehicles: Jackery Explorer 500

Best Battery Bank for Survival Retreat: Patriot Power Generator 1800

  1. Generators

offgrid power generator emergency

An gasoline-run generator is going to be the means by which the majority of the population keeps their power on in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. And this will truly only be for the immediate aftermath. Anything longer than two days, and most people are going to run out of gasoline.

After that, any generators that are still running are likely only those of the well-prepared, or of those who have splurged for a whole-house generator (which often have several days’ worth of fuel inside of them).

These are most certainly not my favorite means of generating power post-disaster, but they do work.

Best Generator for Bug-Out Bags: To my knowledge, these don’t exist.

Best Generator for Bug-Out Vehicles: Champion 2000W Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Best Generator for Survival Retreat: DuroMax XP13000EH

Watt Else is There to Say?

The ability to generate your own power in a disaster situation may not be an option for you. If you need refrigerated medicine, electrically run medical equipment, or have chicks under the heat lamp in January, you have to have power. If these are the situations you find yourself in, you’re going to want to look into some means of off-grid electricity production.

With the above gear though, you’ll be further insulated against the effects of a disaster as you’re able to generate power wherever you need it most.

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