25 Obscure Bushcraft Skills For Survival

Upgrade your bushcraft skills with these 20+ wilderness survival ideas.

25 Bushcraft Skills Every Survivalist Should Brush Up On

Make This Bushcraft Skills Checklist Handy

Bushcraft skills use the natural materials around to get food, build shelter, and defend yourself. As a survivalist, you need to learn not just one but as many bushcraft survival skills as you can.

After learning, you should be able to apply them properly. This way, you can increase your survival, especially when faced with difficult situations.

The question is, with the many types of bushcrafting out there, which one should you prioritize? Here are 25 essential bushcraft skills to start learning:

1. History

Don’t rely only on a survival skills magazine to build your wilderness knowledge. Take it from the survivors of the Great Depression.

Campfire in the mountain  Obscure Bushcraft Skills For Survival

DIY Cordage

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