24 Camping Hacks That’ll Make Your Next Trip Better

Camping HacksToday I have something you’re going to love

24 Epic Camping Hacks You HAVE To Try On Your Next Adventure!

Because we all want our camping to be more enjoyable, right?

That’s why we’re always on the look out for any new techniques, ideas, and hacks that come our way.

So today I’m going to share the best camping hacks I’ve come across over the years:

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1. Water Jug Lantern

When cooking dinner in the dark or getting ready for bed, a lantern is better than a survival flashlight.

Lanterns create broad, even lighting.

So for specific tasks, full illumination is more helpful than a focused beam.

Luckily, you’ve got everything you need to MAKE a lantern!

Just wrap your headlamp around your water bottle with the beam facing inward.

Any clear or translucent bottle, even a milk jug, will work.

These makeshift lanterns work great anywhere you need ambient light.

And you don’t have to carry any extra gear!

↓How To Make A Water Bottle Lantern

2. Rock Grommets Camping Hack

High Quality Aqua Defender Tarp

High-Quality Aqua-Defender Tarp

Some tarps come without grommets built it.

These make it nearly impossible to attach a guy line when setting up a tarp tent.

This won’t happen with a survival tarp like the Aqua Defender, but you never know…

Sometimes grommets can wear out, leaving you no way to secure your shelter.

That is, until now.

With this hack, you can add tie points anywhere you’d like.

Find a small round stone and place it where you want to attach a line.

Gather the tarp around the stone and tie your line around it.

This will capture the stone inside the “pocket” you’ve formed.

Creating an instant “grommet”!

Also, the line strain is more evenly distributed than a metal grommet.

So the makeshift stone grommet ends up lasting longer.

↓How I Attach Straps Without Grommets To Cordage

3. Water Bottle Cooler Ice

When packing a cooler for camping, running out of space is inevitable.

Often there’s barely any room for ice once you add all your food and beverages.

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