23 Cool Survival Gadgets That Could Safe Your Life

The Latest Survival Gadgets To Help You Survive

There’s just something about facing a challenging problem and having the perfect gadget to solve it.

It makes you feel extra prepared.

And there’s no better place to find those cool problem-solving gadgets than the survival market.

It’s a lively market chock-full of new cool survival gadgets.

It seems like every day; I stumble across a new survival gadget worth sharing with our readers!

So we decided to share all these cool survival gadgets in one convenient location – this blog post.

A place that you can visit when you want to catch up on all the latest / greatest survival gadgets.

That’s why you should STOP reading and bookmark this page right now.

We update this list often (every time we find a cool new survival gadget), so you’ll want to come back again and again...

OK, now that you’ve bookmarked this page, let’s dive into the survival market’s best gadgets.

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Skilled Survival’s List Of Cool Survival Gadgets

This list of cool survival gadgets ranges from the high-tech – to the miniature – to the simplistic – to the sneaky.

When I think of gadgets, I think about new awesome portable tools.

So most of these cool survival gadgets are ones you can wear (a.k.a. wearables); others you can easily slip into your survival pack or bug out bag.

Either way, they’re all awesome gadgets.


LEATHERMAN, Tread Bracelet

Want to cool survival gadget multitool you wear on your wrist instead of carrying it in your pocket? You got to check out Leatherman’s Tread Bracelet.

This cool survival gadget features 29 unique tools, including:

  • Many screwdriver options
  • Several hex drives
  • Box wrench options
  • Oxygen tank wrench
  • Carbide glass breaker
  • Pick/Sim card tool
  • Cutting hook
  • ¼” socket drive
  • Bottle opener
  • #2 square drive

So it’s a wearable multi-tool with lots of interchangeable links.

I always say – the best survival multi-tool is the one you have with you in times of need. The Leatherman Tread can be there for your everyday problems and survival situations.

The Tread goes everywhere you go.

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Leatherman TREAD Bracelet Multi-Tool Electricity Generating Stove” title=”BioLite CampStove 2+

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