22 Must-Watch Survival TV Shows

When it comes to personal readiness, there’s always something to do, something to improve. Your list of chores and homework will never end if you are serious.

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But, we need R&R also, just like anyone else but it’s easy to feel guilty when you just want to veg out in front of the TV…

But you don’t have to feel guilty if you tune in to the right kind of survival-based entertainment. From conservative tv shows to high-stakes reality shows, there’s something here for everyone.

Keep reading and you’ll find your next favorite!

Revolution Season 1 Promo

Revolution Season 1 PromoWatch this video on YouTube

This captivating post-apocalyptic television series is set in a future where all electricity on earth has suddenly, inexplicably, shut off.

The mother of all blackout/EMP scenarios, the show focuses on a family’s struggle to survive in a world that has instantly regressed back to a pre-Industrial age.

A thrilling exploration of human resilience and adaptability, it offers valuable insights into survival strategies and community building.

Watch this video on YouTube

What if the premise of the Jason Bourne movies was real? This thrilling series follows former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert as he tackles that exact premise.

In Lone Target, the host attempts to evade some of the world’s most elite tracking teams in various hostile environments, putting a decidedly deadly spin on the typical problems of survival.

Each episode offers a masterclass in evasion tactics, stealth movement, and survival techniques, and a real education on the basics of avoiding detection and capture in potentially dangerous situations.

The Last Ship Season 1 Official Trailer HD

The Last Ship Season 1 Official Trailer HDWatch this video on YouTube

A post-apocalyptic drama, the show centers on a naval crew’s efforts to find a cure for a pandemic that has wiped out 80% of the world’s population.

Safely at sea while things got progressively worse on land, the crew of the ship is, at first, spared the threat of contagion.

But as they navigate the challenges of isolation and ever-dwindling resources at sea, the audience if given a unique perspective on the real grit of survival, camaraderie and leadership in truly extreme circumstances.

It offers plenty of lessons that might hit a bit too close to home after what the world faced during a similar pandemic in the past few years…

The Colony – The Experiment Begins

The Colony - The Experiment BeginsWatch this video on YouTube

Part roleplay, part reality TV show, The Colony simulates a post-apocalyptic environment where the participants, thrown together as survivors of a society-toppling pandemic of unknown origin, must utilize their unique skills to secure food, water, and shelter, and deal with raids, abduction, injury, and illness.

The show’s focus on intergroup dynamics and resource management in post-apocalypse scenario makes it a great watch for preppers who always dream fearfully about TEOTWAWKI, and those who are looking to understand the complexities of communal survival.

It isn’t as easy as you might think to present a united front among your fellows when the pressure is on, especially after hunger, wounds and weariness have taken their toll.

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