20 Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW

Global catastrophes aren’t limited to earthquakes and hurricanes.

The WHO has announced that coronavirus has reached pandemic status.

Just a few months ago, no one had ever heard of this virus. Now, store shelves are empty and businesses are shut down.

Did you see how quickly that happened?

This means that you can never be too prepared.

Here’s the types of global catastrophes you should be putting a plan together for now.

Global Catastrophes You Need to Be Aware and Prepared For

1. Economic Collapse

One of the lesser-known possible global catastrophes is the economic collapse. With our dependence on everything automated and instant, we are bound for these catastrophes, indeed. Find ways to become less dependent on the economic and financial systems of the world.

Forex and Stock Market  Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW

Don’t forget to have a safe room installed in your house, too. Watch out for storm surge warnings and evacuate if needed.

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11. Drought

Learn how to grow a garden in dryer and hotter circumstances and apply good soil maintenance. Make sure you manage your livestock and keep them healthy, too.

Reducing the risk to honey bee hives and protecting the next harvest are a few tips to get ready for a drought.

12. Tornado

It is a must for you and your family to practice a tornado drill on a regular basis. Continued practice will become almost like second nature should such a disaster occur.

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