Will be Joe Biden About To Enforce Destructive New Restrictions Over the U. S. Economy To be able to Fight Omicron?

This post was originally published simply by Michael Snyder at The Financial Collapse Blog.

It seems like it had been just yesterday that we had been told that a new version called “Omicron” had been present in southern Africa. Now it is becoming reported that Omicron is definitely suddenly spreading like wildfire all over North America and European countries, and we are being told that the very “dark winter” is infront of us.
Of course , whenever situation numbers start rising once again, the Biden administration seems as though it must do some thing. So on Tuesday, Joe Biden is going to deliver another “major address” to the nation. Sadly, many are anticipating that he might introduce more destructive limitations which could significantly damage the particular U. S. economy once we head into 2022.
When it comes to the particular pandemic, we all know that Biden listens to the “scientists”, plus right now the “scientists” are usually scaring the living daylights out of the general public.
For example , this past weekend Dr . Television warned that will Omicron will soon place severe stress on medical center systems all across America…
Doctor Anthony Fauci warned Weekend that the next few weeks can put severe stress upon hospital systems as the omicron variant of the coronavirus can be “raging around the world. ”
Fauci, President Joe Biden’s main medical adviser, said upon NBC’s “Meet the Press” that there is no doubt about the omicron variant’s “extraordinary capability” regarding transmission. Although the latest veränderung appears to cause less serious symptoms in vaccinated individuals, Fauci warned that the transmissibility counteracts the mildness of the cases.
And the movie director of the NIH has recommended that the U. S. can soon see a million situations a day…
Outgoing Nationwide Institutes of Health (NIH) director Dr . Francis Collins says the US could find one million COVID-19 situations per day as new shapeshifting variants take hold plus cases snowball.
Collins’ prediction comes as the highly-contagious Omicron iteration spreads like wildfire throughout the nation and the Delta variant continues to sicken many people ahead of the winter vacations.
It is completely and absolutely irresponsible for Collins to express something like that, and all this kind of similar projections have been completely inaccurate in the past.
But Later on Biden believes these guys, and thus even though there has only already been one documented death through Omicron anywhere in the world, Biden seems poised to take this crisis to an entirely new level…
Leader Joe Biden will provide a speech Tuesday to deal with the omicron variant plus unveil new steps the particular administration is taking to assist communities in need of assistance, the White House official informed NBC News on Sunday.
Biden is expected to exceed his already unveiled “winter plan” with additional procedures while “issuing a kampfstark warning of what the wintertime will look like for Americans that will choose to remain unvaccinated, ” the official said.
Right now, we all don’t know exactly what these “new steps” will look like, yet there is a lot of speculation they could include new requires and/or restrictions.
Unfortunately regarding Biden, he is deeply declining as a leader, and at this time the vast majority of Americans simply do not rely on him…
According to the CNN vote conducted by SSRS, sixty six percent of Americans mentioned they doubted whether Biden was “a leader you are able to trust, ” a number that will included 92 percent associated with Republicans, 75 percent associated with independents and 36 % of Democrats.
Just about everything that will Biden has done during their time in the White Home has turned out badly, plus a whole lot of people out there will be really angry if this individual decides to do even more in order to mess up our economy.
Because of our “leaders” in Wa, inflation is completely out of control and are now facing the most severe supply chain crisis within our entire history.
In an outstanding article that he just released, James Rickards explained exactly how complex and how vulnerable the global supply chains possess become…
You know your apple iphone comes from China. Did you know that the particular specialized glass used in the apple iphone comes from South Korea? Do you realize the semiconductors in the apple iphone come from Taiwan? That the mental property and design of the apple iphone are from California?
The apple iphone includes flash storage through Japan, gyroscopes from Indonesia, audio amplifiers, battery rechargers, display port multiplexers, electric batteries, cameras and hundreds of additional advanced parts.
In total, Apple company works with suppliers in 43 countries on six regions to source the components and parts that get into an iPhone. That’s a quick introduction to the iPhone supply chain. Naturally , every supplier in that provide chain has its own provide chain of sources plus processes. Again, supply stores are immensely complex.
The way of life depends on the smooth procedure of thousands upon a large number of immensely complex supply stores. Unfortunately, restrictions and requires that have been implemented by political figures all over the planet have triggered massive problems for those provide chains, and now politicians all around the planet are imposing a lot more restrictions and mandates in order to combat the Omicron version.
Because of this insanity, it seems like 2022 is going to be a very tough year for the global economic climate.
Of course all of the mandates plus restrictions have also taken an excellent toll on our mental health…
As Americans head into a 3rd year of pandemic residing, therapists around the country have found themselves on the front outlines of a mental health turmoil. Social workers, psychologists plus counselors from every condition say they can’t maintain an unrelenting demand for services, and many must change away patients — which includes children — who are eager for support.
“All the practitioners I know have experienced a need for therapy that is such as nothing they have experienced prior to, ” said Tom Lachiusa, a licensed clinical social employee in Longmeadow, Mass. “Every available time slot I could offer is filled. ”
Ultimately, many would believe the global response to the outbreak has been far more destructive compared to virus itself.
And if all of us can’t handle a crisis of the magnitude, how are we all possibly going to be able to manage something far more severe?
COVID provides filled our leaders along with great fear, and becoming fearful is never a method to handle a crisis.
Now it seems that fear is about to drive Biden to make even more errors, and that is extremely unfortunate.
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