WHO Warning: “Too Many Variants” Circulating Could Be A “Cause For Concern”

The World Health Organization’s Maria Van Kerkhove said that the next COVID variant could be a cause for concern, as too many variants are currently in circulation.  The uncertainty of what the next COVID variant could remain a significant cause of concern for the WHO.

“We need to plan for different kinds of scenarios,” Van Kerkhove said.  She also pointed out that Omicron is currently dominant worldwide, adding that the WHO is currently tracking sublineages and sister lineages of the variant – BA.4, BA.5, BA.2.12.1.

The solution, according to the rulers, is the “vaccine.” Yet, in the age of the vaccine, people are still getting sick and being hospitalized and dying of the disease they were injected against. Other “health officials” have also stated that the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission or therefore, infection.

CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus asserted that a dramatic drop in testing for Covid-19 has left the world blind to the virus’s continuing rampage and its potentially dangerous mutations. So, because people have decided to live with getting a cold and are no longer getting tested when they feel perfectly fine, we have a problem because they can’t panic people using “cases” into getting a shot. Surely, when the time comes, they will invent numbers and roll out yet another testing scheme to convince the public they need to be slaves in order to never get a cold again.

Ghebreysus also warned that the declining numbers could also be a result of significant cuts in testing for the virus, according to a report by LiveMint. “This makes us increasingly blind to patterns of transmission and evolution,” Tedros said adding, “When it comes to a deadly virus, ignorance is not bliss.”

“This virus won’t go away just because countries stop looking for it,” Tedros said, pointing out that “it is still spreading, it is still changing, and it is still killing.”

All of this continued insistence on keeping this “virus” in the headlines is enough to make anyone wonder what they have in store for us next.



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