Singapore Closes Schools Again Citing Concerns That Variants Now “Attack Younger Children”

The country of Singapore has decided to close down schools once again citing fears that the new variants now “attack younger children.” The rulers say the closure is due to the variant that is “spreading” in India.

As we have warned from the beginning, this could still happen here. If the ruling class has any chance to do a second lockdown, they will do so. They also are up against a wall when it comes to the “vaccines” and the remaining holdouts still refusing.

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung stated that the closure of schools was required as a new strain, the B.1.617 mutation, “appears to affect children more,” with a cluster having been identified at an education center.

Singapore’s education minister, Chan Chun Sing, confirmed that health officials had found that “some of these mutations are much more virulent and they seem to attack the younger children.”

While none of the children infected are currently seriously ill, officials have said that plans need to be outlined for vaccinating individuals under the age of 16 to reduce the risk of this age group contracting the disease or spreading it. –RT

The propaganda surrounding this new variant in India could be the catalyst that plunges the world into a worse totalitarian dictatorship. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Indian variant is already threatening the United Kingdom’s plans to reopen this summer and that its resurgence could result in another lockdown. What would that be? Their 42nd? Obviously, that’s sarcasm, but it’s getting difficult to keep up with the COVID nonsense going on and all of the numerous different lockdowns designed to keep people in line and under the control of their rulers.

Before closing schools, Singapore had already starting locking people down again. There are already restrictions on public gatherings, closed indoor restaurants, and the rulers have told gyms to shut down in order to attempt to curb rising case numbers. Singapore’s decision to close schools for the term follows a similar decision from Taiwan, which announced on Tuesday that education hubs will close due to similar concerns about rising infection numbers.

Stay alert and watch. There is a reason the mainstream media continue to bombard us with images of India allegedly suffering from this new variant.  It isn’t for our safety or health though, and that should be obvious right now.

It is past time to wake up and get off your knees. Think of it this way: if there was really a “deadly pandemic” wreaking havoc on the globe, there would be no need for a 24/7 propaganda campaign being pushed by anyone and everyone in any position of power.

Prepare and stay alert.  Use your discernment and your critical thinking skills.


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