Research: Vaccines Don’t Stop COVID Outbreaks (And Actually Result in More of Them)

This post was originally published simply by Ethan Huff at Organic News.

New research published within the European Journal of Epidemiology has found that mass “vaccinating” people for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is not helping to stop the particular continued outbreaks.
Even though government authorities and vaccine corporations declare that the injections are the best device currently available to “stop the particular spread, ” the data demonstrates the areas being hardest strike by new “variants” plus waves of disease plus death are those that have the best injection rates.
Vermont is definitely a perfect example of this. It really is currently one of the most highly vaccinated states in the country and is also viewing the greatest spikes in hospitalizations.
Israel is another prominent illustration, and one of the countries described in the case study to show how the jabs do not “work” since claimed – unless simply by work you mean genocide.
Assessment of Official Government Reviews Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are usually Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Symptoms
Using data provided by the particular Our World in Data just for cross-country analysis, the research group looked at health outcomes within 68 different countries that will met specific reporting requirements. They also looked at data particularly in the United States.
“We computed the amount and percentages of areas that experienced an increase within COVID-19 cases by amount percentage of people fully vaccinated in each county, ” the study explains.
“The percent increase in COVID-19 cases has been calculated based on the difference in the event from the last 7 days as well as the 7 days preceding them. ”
What they found is that there is certainly “no discernible relationship among percentage of population completely vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days. ”
“In fact, the trend range suggests a marginally optimistic association such that countries along with higher percentage of populace fully vaccinated have increased COVID-19 cases per one million people, ” the particular paper further explains.
Extremely vaccinated Israel currently qualified prospects the world in new covid cases
As for Israel, exactly where more than 90 percent from the population is now fully vaccinated, the worse spike within new covid cases for each one million people had been observed.
Even though Israel offers rolled out not one but two “booster” shots, citizens and inhabitants are getting sick and about to die in record numbers.
Very similar situation is occurring in Iceland and Portugal, both which have reached a more than seventy five percent injection rate. Each countries currently have more covid cases per one mil people than do the nations of Vietnam and S. africa, where only around 10 % of the population is vaccinated.
Even at the county degree, looking again at Oughout. S. data, researchers discovered that there is no significant reduction in covid cases even one of the most highly vaccinated counties – including counties where nearly 100 percent of the population offers gotten injected.
“Of the very best 5 counties that have the greatest percentage of population completely vaccinated (99. 9–84. 3%), the US Centers for Condition Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies 4 of them because ‘High’ Transmission counties. Chattahoochee (Georgia), McKinley (New Mexico), and Arecibo (Puerto Rico) counties have above 90% of their population fully vaccinated with all three being categorized as ‘High’ transmission, ” the paper explains.
“Conversely, of the 57 counties which have been classified as ‘low’ transmitting counties by the CDC, twenty six. 3% (15) have portion of population fully vaccinated below 20%. ”
Exactly what this all means, naturally , is that the world is being lied to by the powers that will be concerning these alleged “vaccines. ” Not only could they be not helping to “flatten the particular curve, ” but they are usually making people sicker compared to they otherwise would be acquired they simply relied independently natural immunity for security.
“The sole reliance upon vaccination as a primary technique to mitigate COVID-19 and its undesirable consequences needs to be re-examined, specifically considering the Delta (B. one 617. 2) variant as well as the likelihood of future variants, ” the paper concludes. The particular post Study: Vaccines Do not Stop COVID Outbreaks (And Actually Cause More of Them) first appeared on SHTF Program – When It Hits The particular Fan, Don’t Say All of us Didn’t Warn You.

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