Prepare Now: Events Are “IN MOTION” To Remove The U.S. Dollar As Reserve Currency

The United States dollar will not be the reserve currency for much longer.  In its place will be a digital currency tied to your ability to be a good little slave to the ruling class.  Prepare now, because when this is rolled out, things could get ugly.

According to a report by ZeroHedge, events (which are preplanned by those wanting ultimate totalitarian control, including the United States government) are unfolding that would forever remove the U.S. as the reserve currency.  Incoming is a one-world digital currency.

Asia is not the only region taking steps to disentangle itself from the U.S. dollar standard in global trade and payments. The European Commission, the executive branch of the 27-country European Union (EU), released a communication explicitly stating the goal to strengthen the “international role of the euro.” This goal would “help achieve globally shared goals such as the resilience of the international monetary system, a more stable and diversified global currency system, and a broader choice for market operators.”

“At some point, the fiat currency is going to vanish,” says YouTube creator, Dahboo77. “You are going to have X amount of time to claim a credit for your central bank digital currency.” This has already been announced as the plan. This will be a part of the global totalitarian takeover and ultimate enslavement of humanity.  People will get their universal basic income, which will be a pittance, in exchange for the acceptance of their own slavery.  If you don’t want to live as a slave any longer and reject this beast system, you will be cut off.

“By design, this is all coming down,” Dahboo77 says. He also says to prepare, if you choose to not be a slave, you’ll need to be able and willing to barter.  Have some gold and silver and know its worth. There is not stopping this plan, much like the mass vaccination campaign.  The only thing that will end this system is the masses refusal to comply with it.

Be ready. “Who knows what they will do?” It’s time to wake up.  No human has any rightful power over another human.  It’s time we wake up to the simple fact that we don’t need these psychopathic power hungry masters, they need us.

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