Politician Tests Positive For COVID After 2 Pfizer Shots

A member of the ruling class has tested positive for COVID after getting 2 doses of the Pfizer experimental gene therapy shot. Representative Alma Hernandez from Arizona says even after taking the shots, she continued to take all precautions, such as wearing a mask, washing her hands, and practicing social distancing.

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And she still got COVID. Does anyone want to ask what’s going on? If all of those precautions work, how did someone, fully vaccinated, washing their hands religiously, wearing a mask, and social distancing contract the dreaded COVID-19? Anyone else ready to call this a scamdemic yet?

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So, just as she says on Twitter, just because you’re “vaccinated” (even though these shots they are giving are not vaccines) you have to continue to comply with whatever edicts the ruling class decides. And even then, you can still get a cold. Time to wake up. This is a hoax and a scam and we had better figure it out soon because they will not stop until we do.

Hernandez shared that she tested positive for Covid-19 and that her symptoms include fever, “horrible migraine,” and loss of sense of smell and taste. “Just because you’re vaccinated it does not mean you’re in the clear,” she said, warning that “despite wide availability of vaccines,” the pandemic is still here, according to a report by RT.

High-profile cases of being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus even after vaccination have been reported previously. Former Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra and his wife controversially enrolled in a clinical trial of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, and both tested positive for Covid-19 weeks afterward. Argentine leader Alberto Fernandez was also infected despite vaccination with Russia’s Sputnik V. Researchers have said that while the vaccines do not guarantee 100% protection from the virus, they can ease the symptoms and speed up recovery.

Yet, Hernandez says she “doesn’t feel well.” Did she get lessened symptoms? How would she know?

This story is meant to fearmonger the public into continued compliance, but if you apply critical thinking and use your own discernment you’ll begin to see the truth.  There’s no way they continue this facade for much longer, so expect anything now. Stay alert.

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