Operation Warp Speed: Trump Is Taking Credit For The “Vaccine” Rollout

Former President Donald Trump is taking credit for the “vaccine” rollout under his brainchild, Operation Warp Speed. Trump suggested that his administration’s decision to pour money and resources into fast-tracking Covid vaccines saved millions of lives.

His “vaccines” have also taken lives and done permanent irreversible damage. Likely many more than are being reported. Still think voting matters? The left vs. right paradigm lie is right our faces. Speaking to Fox News on Saturday night, Trump boasted that he was “tremendously proud” of the role he played in developing safe and effective vaccines to fight Covid – a process that typically requires more than a decade.

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“I think if we didn’t come up during the Trump administration with the vaccine, you could have had 100 million people dead, just like you had in 1917,” Trump said, referring to the Spanish flu pandemic. Trump did at least say the “vaccine” should not be forced on people.

Although the vaccines are a “tremendous thing,” they should not be forced on people, the former president added.  “I really believe in somebody’s choice, somebody’s freedom,” said Trump. “I’m a big fan of our freedoms, and people have to make that choice for themselves.” And in reality, if these “vaccines”, which aren’t vaccines, were so great, force, coercion, rewards, or punishments would not be needed to get people to take them.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

In May 2020, Trump announced the launch of Operation Warp Speed, a program that funneled around $18 billion of taxpayer dollars into the coffers of pharmaceutical companies tasked with creating Covid-19 vaccines. Several companies involved in the scheme went on to develop vaccines in record time, including Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and Moderna. The program was also used to pay for an advance-purchase order from Pfizer, totaling $2 billion, for 100 million doses of its vaccine for use in the United States, according to a report by RT. 

The White House announced on Friday that half the total United States population has been fully vaccinated against the virus. They also claim 70% of American adults have had at least one shot.  However, while boasting about the inoculation drive’s success, Biden announced that “350 million Americans have already been vaccinated” –  a number considerably larger than the current US population, which is estimated at only around 331.4 million people.

Likely, those “vaccination” statistics are as wrong as the coronavirus statistics which the CDC has admitted are just colds and the flu.  But the end game for the ruling class is to have everyone injected with these shots. They will push this and get more dystopian and sinister until they can control as many of us as possible. Stay alert and keep using critical thinking. It’s going to come in handy soon.

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