Mu Variant Now Detected In Houston

Doctors at Houston Methodist Hospital have discovered cases of a new variant of COVID-19 among patients being treated for the virus, the hospital confirmed Monday to KPRC 2. This new variant is the “Mu” variant.  But that’s not the only interesting thing about this story, which is likely a psychological operation.

Does anyone remember this?

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Since the World Health Organization has designated “Mu” as a variant of interest to push the fear-mongering and keep the scamdemic narrative alive, doctors at Houston Methodist confirmed cases of the Mu variant in roughly 50 patients. How did they confirm those cases of Mu? According to the Tennessean, you can’t.  Tests are not designed to tell you which variant of the coronavirus you have. They can indicate whether you have been infected with the virus. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are detecting all viruses, meaning the common cold and flu, which is how they were able to rename both of those to COVID and eradicate the flu.

“We had our first case of Mu back in May,” said Dr. Wesley Long, medical director of diagnostic microbiology at Houston Methodist and a clinical pathologist.

Long said doctors didn’t refer to those cases as the so-called “Mu” variant until the World Health Organization designated the variant as such last week.

“Once the WHO declared that this would be the Mu variant, we went and looked and saw that we had had a few cases here and there dating back all the way till May,” Dr. Long said. –Click2Houston

The most important thing they need you to know about “Mu” is that it can escape vaccine-induced immunity. Considering the shots everyone has taken aren’t vaccines, that means everyone can get it.

WHO Says “Mu” Variant Is Probably “Vaccine-Resistant”

Keep an eye on this new scariant. Once the “vaccinated” start really getting sick, whether it’s from the “vaccine” or not won’t make a difference. It’ll be labeled a COVID-19 death and they may blame it on the Mu variant.  Delta is still circulating the news too, but they need to keep that fake strain relevant to convince people to take the shots since they have already told them the “vaccines” offer protection from Delta.

Stay alert and aware. Continue to hone your critical thinking skills.  The lies will never end.

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