MSM Predictive Programming: “Experts” Warns Lockdown Restrictions Are Being Lifted Too Soon

Could the ruling class be about to make another move? It kind of looks that way based on the headlines.  “Experts” (appointed by the rulers) are saying the lockdown restrictions are being lifted too soon, as “mutant strains” of the COVID-19 virus continue to spread.

The mainstream media appears to be using predictive programming to reveal to us that we’ll all be under severe lockdowns again as the mutant variants continue to spread.

States are rolling back Covid-19 restrictions as new cases trend down from record highs across the country. But experts warn it might be too much too soon as variants pose an increased risk and the pandemic — almost at the one year mark in the U.S. — is far from over. -Yahoo News

In fact, France has not taken the third lockdown off the table.

“Mutant Strain”: 3rd Lockdown Is Possible In France As “UK Variant” of COVID-19 Spreads

Democratic and Republican governors alike have been loosening restrictions. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, announced Monday that New York City will allow indoor dining beginning on Friday, a few days earlier than originally planned, and middle schools will reopen for in-person instruction on February 25th. In Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican, said restaurants are allowed to operate at 40 percent capacity as of Monday, citing a decline in hospitalizations as part of his reasoning.-Yahoo News

Since Biden’s inauguration, lockdown restrictions have loosened even as the mainstream media continues to fear monger over new strains that are more virulent of COVID-19. This combination of media fear-mongering and threats of further enslavement are amounting to predictive programming.  Honestly, it’s shocking the ruling class hasn’t pulled off the COVID-21 scam earlier.  What’s concerning, is that this new virus could actually be a bad one released by these psychopaths.

More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

“I have some concern it’s premature” to loosen restrictions, said Dr. Justin Lessler, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Lessler said the very restrictions in place are what is allowing Covid-19 infection rates to decline.

“When we remove interventions, we frequently see resurgences,” he said, advising caution if states want to see continued decline. “When new variants come along, the stepping back that may have been OK before is not OK anymore because of the more transmissible variants.”-Yahoo News

Keep your eyes and ears open.  Pay attention to what the ruling class, who sees us as their slaves, is saying through their propaganda fear-mongering campaign in the mainstream media.

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