MSM: It’s Time To “Start Mandating” COVID-19 “Vaccines”

The ruling class is ramping up their plans to get everyone injected. Not enough of the slaves have complied and submitted in exchange for free doughnuts and beer, so now comes the punishment.

Again, we warned this was coming and to be alert for it. Medical journals declared back in October of 2020 that those who refuse to get the COVID-19 shot should be “punished harshly.”

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

They are also now saying it’s time to make life really hard for the unvaccinated.

CNN Medical “Expert” Says Life “Needs to be Hard” For The Unvaccinated

The Biden administration has ramped up the propaganda after the Trump administration rolled these experimental gene therapy shots out in record time.

COVID-19 vaccines were developed in record time under President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, which oversaw the development and regulatory approval in less than a year, defying expectations. Somewhat paradoxically, MAGA-land is falling behind in the vaccine push. The Washington Times

Trump has come out in support of the vaccines his administration pushed for:

Trump Does Fauci’s Bidding & Urges Americans To Get Vaccinated: “I Would Recommend It”

Biden is now enlisting the “trusted” voices of doctors, pastors, and community advocates to try to change people’s minds. He’s attempting to socially engineer the public into acceptance of the shot.

And even the Washington Post had to admit that the administration is failing:

Still, the reasons behind hesitancy range widely and are deeply entrenched, giving the White House and state allies few options but to back unpopular mandates or beg. –The Washington Times

They have reached a point where they are unable to get more slaves to willingly take the vaccine in exchange for a reward.  That means they have to resort to punishments.  Now is the time to stand firm and let the powers-that-shouldn’t-be know that they have no power over those determined to be free.

“I don’t think [the current propaganda is] working, and I think the solution is going to get the vaccines licensed and start mandating: military, certain occupations, first responders, health care workers, require it for college, maybe requiring it for public-facing jobs,” Arthur Caplan, director of the division of medical ethics at the New York University Grossman School of Medicine, said. “We’ve got to shift. We’re fooling around while these variants pop up.”

The mandates will begin shortly after the “vaccines” are fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as many businesses have already said they would be on board at that point.  Military personnel and anyone who works for any government agency (law enforcement, administration, etc.) will also be the first to be mandated to take the shot.

Companies Vow To Mandate COVID Shots As Soon As They Are Given “Full Approval”

Stay vigilant. Know this is coming without living in fear. Know you are a free and sovereign being and your life is yours.  Those in power do not fear others in power. They fear the masses knowing they have the basic right to freedom. And yes, that means freedom from democracy and government. We are not free now, and they aren’t trying to hide the illusion of freedom anymore.  They are telling us we aren’t free, elections don’t matter and never have, and that they won’t give up their power willingly.  It’s up to us to see through the facade and stop acquiescing to this giant cult.

David Icke To LEOs & Military: “Look Your Children In The Eye” & Tell Them YOU Enforced Tyranny

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