Mannarino Warns The Economic Collapse Is Worsening

Market analyst Gregory Mannarino is warning that the economic collapse is worsening. Now is a good time to keep cash on hand, just in case, and prepare for an entire system collapse.

Factory activity in the United States is “literally done” says Mannarino. Manufacturing activity continues to “crater deeply” into negative territory.  The U.S. doesn’t export anything anymore and this is going to play into the coming economic collapse.

Mannarino then warns that inflation also continues to rise despite the central bank’s “attempts” to slow it down.  When we discuss inflation, he warns that we are “talking about theft on an insane scale.” If central banks wanted to stop the runaway inflation they could, he said. But there’s probably a reason as to why it continues and surely we can make an educated guess as to why.

Consumer spending is also dropping while borrowing is “off the richer scale.” It’s an “interesting phenomenon.”

“Let’s put this together,” starts Mannarino. “People continue to borrow, melting their credit cards here, taking out personal loans, whatever they can do just to try to make ends meet. Meanwhile, they are spending less. What does that tell you? It tells you there’s a big problem here.” Becasue 70% of the U.S. economy is dependent upon consumerism, this is a glaring warning sign that a collapse is coming. This is a global problem too, and not just one the U.S. is facing.

“The Federal Reserve and central banks plan here, to kill the economy, on a global scale and destroy the consumer, decapitate the consumer, here…again, what are they trying to do? Create that two-tier society.” This will be one of a small group of rulers making sure they have the bulk of the wealth while only allowing the slave class to survive…if the rulers decide to.

We are going to see some interesting things happen in this economy going forward. Brace yourselves, and be as ready as you can be for the worst. “They’ve already chosen the next president, and whoever they put behind the resolute desk is not going to help you,” Mannarion reminds us.

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