Living Standards Have Declined Dramatically

Living standards have declined dramatically in recent years thanks to inflation and the continued control over people. The media and rulers continue to put the blame everywhere except where it should be. On them.

A simple lie is the only thing left that’s allowing the masters/ruling class to continue to control the slave class. And they are watching our standard of living decrease and laughing from their ivory towers as their enforcers and tax agents continue to steal from their fellow human beings.

The BIGGEST Lie Most People Still Believe

Everyone knows about the egg problem, which is being chalked up to the bird flu, just as Putin was responsible for the gas price and greedy meat processors caused beef prices to soar. Sorry but this is ridiculous. The price of eggs is up dramatically because all the costs associated with making them available to consumers are up, wrote Jeffrey Tucker of The Epoch Times. 

The bottom line is undeniable: in a mere two years, many of the things you loved, healthy food for your families—I’m not talking about the all-carb diet they want us to adopt—has now doubled in price. –Jeffrey Tucker of The Epoch Times

The reality you see on the shelves of your local store. The grocery prices tell the truth that you are being pillaged.

(Data: Federal Reserve Economic Data [FRED], St. Louis Fed; Chart: Jeffrey A. Tucker)

The fundamentals of household finance are even worse. Credit card balances are way up. Savings is way down. And real income (which is adjusted for inflation) has been falling now for 21 months straight. Truly, it’s panic time but people are so beaten down and exhausted that they are not panicking. Most people have acquiesced in exhaustion of the shock and awe to which they have been subjected. –Jeffrey Tucker of The Epoch Times

At the same time, the ruling class continues to take in record amounts of stolen money or “taxation.”

How much more will the slaves tolerate before they start to figure out the system?  If we do not act and do not choose wisely, we face a future of growing impoverishment, ill health, and deprecated living standards. We are not doing this to ourselves.  Not only that, we are starting at a permanent technological enslavement that will be difficult, if not impossible, to escape. This economic damage is necessary to convince the slaves that they need the rulers’ fully controlled central bank digital currency.

They are doing it to us, and they will continue on this path so long as they can get away with it.

The Path To Freedom & Abolishing Slavery

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