It’s Coming: 4000 COVID Variants & Mixed Vaccines

The mainstream media wants you to know that the time to cower in fear against the “invisible enemy,” COVID-19.  Not only should be living in a panicked state of utter fear, but you should also be prepared to get any number of these damaging vaccines to keep you safe of course.

According to an article by Reuters, which is straight-up fear-mongering propaganda, the world is facing 4000 different COVID-19 variants, and we could all be forced to take the vaccines that have been sickening, killing, and damaging more people than the coronavirus hoax could have ever hoped to.

We are all just waiting for the other shoe to drop at this point. Will COVID-21 be a thing? Many who have been paying attention understand that there is the possibility that when the second dose of these vaccines really starts to kill people, they will blame it on a mutant strain of COVID (COVID-21) and introduce an even deadlier vaccine to combat it.  

Anything is possible at this point, and with the vast number of people who have already gotten this vaccine, we could have something real and big coming down the pike soon.

More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

Both Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna have reported that their vaccines appear to work against the U.K and South African variants, based on blood samples taken from people who have been vaccinated. Pfizer said preliminary findings “do not indicate the need for a new vaccine to address the emerging variants.” –National Post

Articles are slowly creeping into the mainstream that are now discussing the possibility of COVID-21.

Ready for COVID-21? Vaccine manufacturer says it can handle ‘escape mutant’

Don’t worry.  Big pharma has our back…

Big Pharma Will Not Be Responsible For COVID-19 Side Effects Caused By Vaccines

They Moved The Goalposts…AGAIN!: “It’s Not Over When The Vaccine Arrives”

Moderna said that they can “repurpose” a vaccine in mere weeks, not even months, to deal with COVID-21.

This scamdemic has turned into a reason to coalesce all of the elitists and ruling classes’ agendas into one: totalitarian enslavement of mankind.

Stay alert and prepared.  As of right now, it’s difficult to say how this will play out. Pay attention, and make sure you have the supplies you need. Things look like they are getting uglier and could ramp up at any time.

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