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Hospitals Begin Denying Life-Saving Transplants To The Unvaccinated In Colorado

An unvaccinated woman in the state of Colorado was removed from a kidney transplant list because she is un”vaccinated.” UCHealth hospital system says it will now deny the potentially life-saving procedures to the unvaxxed.

We are treading into the sinister territory. Even if this isn’t murder per se, it’s immoral and cruel. Human beings had better rediscover their own humanity and quickly before it is lost for good.

Lutali, whose potential kidney donor is also reportedly unvaccinated, said her life will be in jeopardy if she is denied the procedure, and has voiced concerns about the vaccine for unspecified religious reasons. She has also argued that it may not have the intended effect due to immunosuppressant drugs that would be administered after the transplant surgery.

“Both from a religious standpoint and from doing some reading, I’m not certain that this is the right way to go,” she told local media. “The shot’s relatively new, and as a consumer, I’m not an early adopter. I wait and see what’s going on,” Lutali said according to a report by RT “I feel like I’m being coerced into not being able to wait and see, and that I have to take the shot if I want this life-saving transplant.”

We were told a year ago that this was the plan.  Those who continue to disobey the ruling class will be “punished harshly.”

Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

Lutali also claims she has “natural immunity” which even the ruling class has admitted is far better protection from infections than a “vaccine.”

But those mini-tyrants doing the bidding of their masters are now saying it doesn’t matter. People need to comply or die. “In almost all situations, transplant recipients and living donors at UCHealth are now required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in addition to meeting other health requirements and receiving additional vaccinations,” the hospital said, noting that other transplant centers across the United States have adopted the same policies.

Many are defending this decision saying other vaccines are already required, so this isn’t out of the ordinary.  Whether that’s true or not is irrelevant. Is denying another human being a life-saving treatment the moral thing to do?

Nonetheless, State Representative Geitner, a Republican representing El Paso County, tore into UCHealth for the decision, saying on Tuesday: “The understanding is basically… conform to this demand. Take this Covid vaccine or otherwise, you will be denied a life-saving procedure.”

At this point, there is little if anything the hospital is going to do.  Prepare to help your own family members who continue to disobey and refuse to be slaves. This cannot continue forever without it going to a head eventually, and that’s going to look ugly.


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