Fauci & Other Rulers Are Now “Pleading” With The Un”Vaxxed” To Roll Up Their Sleeves

Whatever the reason for this experimental gene therapy shot (we know it’s not about health), they may be running out of time.  Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head medical tyrant says he and the other members of the ruling class have taken to “pleading” with the un”vaccinated” to take the jab.

They have also gone back to the “stress” the healthcare system will face if the un”vaccinated” continue to refuse the shot. Again, has anyone driven past a hospital jam-packed with people waiting outside unable to get in? Or is this just more media hype and propaganda? Use your critical thinking and decide for yourself. Personally, the only people I know who have been ill lately have gotten the shot and had a reaction.

But Fauci said the delta variant of the coronavirus is causing a significant increase in infections and the Biden administration is “practically pleading” with people to get vaccinated. According to Bloomberg, and without evidence, areas, where vaccination rates are high, are seeing fewer new cases than those with lower immunization levels, Fauci said. Daily U.S. vaccinations that exceeded 3 million at their peak earlier in the campaign have since tailed off. So what’s the end game? Another lockdown, this time, with the blame on the un “vaccinated.”

With cases on the rise, Fauci didn’t rule out the possibility of additional mask mandates or other restrictions in the coming weeks.

So far, there is no evidence anywhere (other than Fauci’s words and the chart he provides) that the un”vaccinated” are getting and dying from anything.

“Everything is on the table,” said Fauci, who didn’t go into specifics. He noted that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all children more than two years old should wear masks inside schools this fall, as well as all staff. That position goes beyond the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations. –Bloomberg

We warned from the very beginning that if these sociopaths believe for even a moment they can get away with forcing the slaves into another lockdown, they will try it.  They must think enough Americans are panicked to the point of compliance as they were last March. We’ll see. The harder they push the more desperate they look.  This is nothing more than an attempt to hold onto power and get that shot in as many people as possible for whatever part of the overall agenda it will fulfill.

Stay alert and prepared.  Never be fearful, but read between the lines of what they are saying. We know the “delta variant” is nothing more than a likely fabricated mutation to scare people into taking the shot. The mainstream media told us that several weeks ago:

“Delta Variant” Fear Mongering Reason Confirmed By MSM

Continue to use critical thinking. Fauci is a known liar and flip-flopper. To trust his statistics that the un”vaccinated” are the ones getting sick and dying without evidence is nothing more than insane.

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