Fauci Continues To Say Children Need To Wear Masks Outdoors

Dr. Anthony Fauci refuses to back down off his medical tyranny platform. He is continuing to say that children need to wear masks outdoors still as summer quickly approaches.

White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci drew rightful anger again Wednesday after continuing to insist children wear masks while playing outdoors, in spite of repeated studies showing outdoor transmission of coronavirus is virtually nil, according to a report by Fox News.  In an interview on the “TODAY” show Wednesday morning, co-host Savannah Guthrie asked Fauci why her daughter still had to wear her “little mask” getting off of the school bus but Guthrie, having been vaccinated with at least one dose, didn’t have to wear one.

“When are kids going to be able to take off those masks and be able to play on the playground?” Guthrie asked. Because children are still unvaccinated, Fauci responded, they are “more at risk” out in the community and should therefore keep their masks on. Until the community levels of infection “goes way down,” he said, children should remain cautious.

Some people are calling him out for his “blood boiling nonsense” and hatred of children.  Fauci sure acts like he wants the lives of all kids destroyed.  In fact, a New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz tweeted that Fauci’s remarks were “blood-boiling nonsense.”


“You know his answer is complete rubbish,” Markowicz also was hard on Guthrie, one of the propagandists’ talking heads. “How do you not press him on it? You know it makes no sense for your kid to be masked, I hear it in your voice. Stand up for your child. Stand up for sanity.”

Some people have opened their eyes to the reality of the situation we are facing. This isn’t a health crisis. It’s an authoritarian slavery crisis.  And more had better figure it out. We all know if Guthrie had pressed Fauci hard enough, the live on-air “news” segment would have been cut short or somehow ended due to “technical difficulties.” She would also likely be out of a job.  The mainstream media are order following propagandists. Nothing more, nothing less. They have even admitted their job is to tell the public what to think. 

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