Fauci: Americans Will Begin To See A Turning Point In Scamdemic “Within A Few Weeks”

Head medical tyrant, Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that Americans will begin to see a turning point in the scamdemic within a few weeks. It kind of makes you wonder what they have planned for us next.

Considering we know they won’t let this hoax go even though massive amounts of people now understand this about totalitarian control and enslavement of humanity, we should expect anything.  They will not give up so easily and let us go about being the free human beings we were born to be.

According to a report by CNBC, the mass vaccination program has put the United States on a path to seeing a turning point in the “pandemic.” Even though those of us haven’t even noticed there’s anything the remotely resembles a pandemic especially if the TV is off.  Additionally, the U.S. has been averaging about 3 million Covid-19 vaccination shots per day, Fauci said while reporting a seven-day average of 58,164 new Covid cases per day as of Sunday, according to a CNBC analysis of data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. That’s down 14% from a week ago.

They are going to tell us that it’s the vaccine. Most likely, it’s people going about their lives and no longer submitting to the inaccurate and non-diagnostic PCR tests anymore. But, they’ll use this to sell more of the masses on the vaccine. For now.

But according to Fauci, this comes down to vaccination rates, not the “cases” or deaths. Because deaths from vaccines don’t matter, only the deaths they can falsely pass off as Coivd.

If the U.S. continues its vaccination pace, “literally within a few weeks, we’re going to start to see a turning around of the dynamics,” Fauci said Monday during a virtual event hosted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “Not down to no infections,” he said. “If you’re waiting for classic measles-like herd immunity, that’s going to be a while before we get there. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to have a significant diminution in the number of infections per day and a significant diminution in all of the parameters, namely hospitalizations and deaths.”

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

But this “vaccine” is obviously a large piece of the agenda. So what is going to happen in a few weeks?

More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?

Last week, the Biden administration announced a massive campaign to persuade more Americans, particularly young people, to take the Covid-19 vaccines as supply begins to outpace demand in some parts of the U.S. Whatever role this vaccine plays in the overall system of slavery being rolled out right now, is still yet to be seen.

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