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Fauci: A New COIVD-19 Variant Could Come Soon

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States’ head medical tyrant is warning that a new COVID-19 variant could come soon.  And what do we all want to be that this new one will have all the characteristics the ruling class will need to eliminate what’s left of the illusion of freedom?

Is this a warning or a threat from Fauci? He’s saying that it’s still the fault of the un”vaccinated” even though the “vaccinated” are still getting and transmitting what the rulers are calling “COVID-19.” Fauci spoke with Bloomberg about the risk of a new coronavirus variant showing up in our society, especially at a time when cases are dipping nationwide. “There are many variants out there,” Fauci told Bloomberg. “The delta variant has a characteristic that it is so easy and efficiently transmitted from person to person, which is good for the virus, but bad for us, that it is actually crowded out all the other variants.”

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Yeah. Remember how the Mu variant just magically disappeared? Well, Mu and the flu are somehow both gone. So is the common cold. All that’s left is the COIVD-19 delta variant, apparently. Does anyone else find that suspicious at all?

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“As long as you have virus freely circulating in the environment in society, jumping from person to person, that virus, by the fact that it continually replicates, gives itself ample opportunity to mutate,” Fauci said. “And when you give it ample opportunity to mutate, sooner or later you will get an accumulation of mutations that will lead to another variant. So that’s the reason why we say, the best way to prevent the future emergence of variants that might be problematic. The best way to do that is the don’t give the virus the opportunity to freely spread.”

How do you do that? Get the “vaccine” that isn’t a vaccine of course. Even though the “vaccinated” can still spread and get COVID-19.

Dr. Anna Durbin, a professor in the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told Newsweek that the delta variant has been infecting too many people, giving them immunity so other variants don’t spread. “These viruses are all competing with each other for advantage to be the one that survives,” Durbin said. “We know that the lambda variant has some of the same mutations as the delta variant that we think (will) allow it to be more transmissible, so it would be difficult to outcompete the delta variant.”

The fact that people like Fauci haven’t been laughed out of society already is a testement to just numb and brainwashed the masses are.  There is limited if any critical thinking in most people. That means, we have an uphill battle if we ever want to actually live freely.

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