Dr. Fauci: India Should “Consider a Second Lockdown”

The propaganda has taken a turn to focus on India for the time being, as “cases” of the scamdemic known as COVID-19 have been rising. India has a homegrown variant called B.1.617, which some in the news media and medical industry have concluded is responsible for the ferocious second wave.

They have already told us this “vaccine” which is actually an experimental gene therapy, is a huge part of the overall agenda.

Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

That could eventually pose a threat even for countries like the United States, where 40 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. Michael Diamond, a viral immunologist at Washington University in St. Louis, said that the only way to break the cycle is to ensure countries like India get enough vaccines.

In order to stop this pandemic, we have to vaccinate the whole world,” Dr. Diamond said. “There will be new waves of infection over and over again unless we vaccinate at a global scale.” -New York Times

Fauci also suggested India further destroy their already debilitated economy by locking people down again so they won’t get a cold or the flu.

They Admit It: The Flu Has Disappeared Now That COVID Is Here

“No one likes to lock down the country,” Dr. Fauci said. Based on how gleefully all of the rulers of the world were the first time, I beg to differ. The masters love locking down the slaves and taking every last bit of their freedom.  “But if you do it just for a few weeks,” he added, “you could have a significant impact on the dynamics of the outbreak.” You could also successfully ensure millions of more humans are dependent on having a ruler for their day-to-day necessities.  The push to make people dependent on the state in order to fully enslave them is well underway and it’s become disturbing that so many can’t see past this horrific plan to find the root of the problem.

Stay alert and aware. Use your critical thinking.  India could be the place where the next emergence of a new variant causes another lockdown and a massive push to get the remaining holdouts jabbed with the experimental gene therapy.

If Fauci can convince India to lockdown again, imagine what’s coming for the U.S. We know that they have run out of people willing to take the shot already. So what’s it going to take to convince more? Stay alert and aware and never stop using your critical thinking skills to ask the questions everyone else is to afraid to ask.

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